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My Dishtowel Rave

NOTE: This post was first named “My Dishtowel Rant.” Reader Shirley wisely suggested that a better name would be Dishtowel Rave. I agree, Shirley! Thanks for your comment.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.
Ben Carson

Ben, that’s just one reason for my happiness. But it’s true that for any occasion– large, small or no occasion at all– I love giving gifts. But it can be tricky.


Goldilocks said, “This gift is too big!”

Too large or too expensive a gift like this jewel encrusted package or a trip to Paris for lunch would make a friend feel beholden and I don’t want that. (Let me be perfectly clear, I would not give a trip to Paris for lunch.Or a jewel encrusted package. So don’t ask.)


Goldilocks said, “This gift is too small!”

Too small a gift, like a coat hanger, is just tacky. Getting it just right takes some thought.


Goldilocks said, “This gift is just right.”

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