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Family Cruising

How’s this for a Cozumel tropical paradise?

It’s been way too long since a new blog has been posted but I’m trying to catch up. To say we have been busy is a gross understatement. But let me tell you one of the many events that have kept us running– our wonderful Royal Caribbean cruise with our daughter and family. There are some sewing projects to see but lots of fun to report.

I had packed a bag of smocking projects which I expected to complete while enjoying the view and sea breeze from our balcony. Some smocking was done but I packed way too many projects with way too many great expectations.

My good friend Carol, our daughter’s fabulous mother-in-law, was with us and had the same idea. She knitted and I smocked. So we sat and stitched, but only for short periods of time.

There were so many activities. Vivian Rose wore “Nana clothes” every day. Here she is leaving an activity wearing a bishop Easter dress from a few years ago.

The dress was generously sized for her two years ago and desperately needed a tuck under the arm. It still needs the tuck and the only other fitting problem its short length. Regardless, she loves the dress.  I really need to make those tucks. Why she is wearing her backpack under the dress is a mystery to me. She wore this dress to dinner one night.

For dinner each night she was dressed in smocking. This dress was made for her mother 30 years ago and was worn by cousin Laurel before Vivi for a few years. Now it’s another one of Vivian’s favorites. It’s still in perfect condition, another hurrah for Spechler-Vogel’s Imperial batiste Continue reading

Smocked Sister Easter Dresses


What a tender pose!

What a tender pose!


A few weeks ago as I worked feverishly on Laurel’s Tea Dress, I asked readers to share pictures of their Easter creations.  Jenny Jo, who lives on the prairies of Nebraska, graciously shared these photos.  I was enchanted. 

Her daughters look like Celtic lasses just returned from strolling in the highland heather and the dresses perpetuate the image.  As a matter of fact, I think I heard bagpipe music as I viewed the photos!

I’ve been reading a lot of Scottish historical novels and these little darlings, with their porcelain skin and tumbling auburn curls, look just like the well loved “bairns” (babies or children) described in these books.  Continue reading