Dirty Laundry

I’ve mentioned my good friend Sue Lord and all of her talents before (www.suelord.com).    Her ever -flowing creative ideas and strong influence on my sewing projects require that I give her credit and thanks yet again.

Sue designed the dirty laundry bag project. It was featured in one of the machine embroidery magazines and is included in her embroidery collection Gifts for Women.  This collection has something for everyone and is just fabulous.

Sue, ever the Southern gentlewoman, stitched her dirty laundry bag in feminine pastels. But the text is just suggestive enough to make me think of black lingerie.

The bag is made from ivory polished cotton with black doubleface satin ribbon running through the casing.  I almost always prefer ivory over white.  On this project, it softens the harshness of the black stitching. 

Sue and I were both teachersat Martha Pullen’s school in Huntsville and often shared a room.  When she pulled this sample out of her bag for our initial “roomie show and tell”,  I knew my daughter would love it.

This laundry bag is one of Rebecca’s favorite gifts. I gave it to her shortly after she finished graduate school and became a career gal.  She bought a modest starter home with a washer and dryer. Those appliances thrilled her.  She was so excited! It was the end of the “bringing my laundry home to Mama” era and gifting this bag to her was part of our mutual celebration.

Her  “little pink house” had a small laundry room behind bi-fold doors at the end of the galley kitchen. Rebecca hung this bag from the cupboard handle above her washer and left the doors open so everyone who came into her kitchen could see this cute bag.

When she married and moved into a new home with her husband, there was no good place to display the bag, much to her regret. But now she has more important matters on her mind than showing off her laundry room and bag.

This would make a quick little Christmas gift for any lady, whether she  is naughty or nice.

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