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Wash Me!

Wash Me – Personalized Laundry Bag

Yeah!  My personalized Disney Alphabet laundry bag tutorial has just been posted on Brother’s blog, Stitching Sewcial.  It was a fun and enjoyable project.  Those alphabet characters are cute as can be.  I felt like a real in-the-know and up-to-date Nana when I recognized most of characters.  I’m studying up on the others.

Check out the post for detailed construction and embroidery instructions.  If you  find it interesting or useful, I’d really appreciate a comment left on the blog.

Like dishtowels, my favorite hostess or whatever gift, a laundry bag can be used even if it’s not in the recipient’s favorite colors.  It’s good for children, campers, college students and even adults.  I meant to make one for my elderly Aunt Aileen when she moved into a nursing home.  Sadly, she left us before I got it made but I know she would have loved it.

“Laundry bag” sounds so utilitarian and boring.  But they can be a fun and gentle reminder for children (and others) to bag up those dirty clothes.  For each of my grandchildren I have made a bag and they are used regularly.  When she was here for the weekend, 3 yo Vivian Rose asked where her laundry bag was as she put on her pajamas. With no reminder, she put that day’s outfit in the bag and went to brush her teeth.


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Dirty Laundry

I’ve mentioned my good friend Sue Lord and all of her talents before (www.suelord.com).    Her ever -flowing creative ideas and strong influence on my sewing projects require that I give her credit and thanks yet again.

Sue designed the dirty laundry bag project. It was featured in one of the machine embroidery magazines and is included in her embroidery collection Gifts for Women.  This collection has something for everyone and is just fabulous.

Sue, ever the Southern gentlewoman, stitched her dirty laundry bag in feminine pastels. But the text is just suggestive enough to make me think of black lingerie.

The bag is made from ivory polished cotton with black doubleface satin ribbon running through the casing.  I almost always prefer ivory over white.  On this project, it softens the harshness of the black stitching.  Continue reading