1-Winners L dress

Does this child look excited or WHAT? Seven year old Laurel was thrilled beyond words when  she saw her polka dot A-line jumper had earned a Best in Show award in the junior sewing category.   The matching teepee bag is part of her “ensemble.” The matching, lined teepee bag is on the hanger with the ribbons.




In September, after she had finished on a rainy day in North Carolina, she proudly checked it off her fair entry list.


Laurel in her A-line jumper


Her family has attended the county fair since she was a year old.  Six year old Robert went as a baby in arms.  Since then, I’ve looked forward to them reaching the age of participation.  And that time came this year.

From the time they could walk, the children couldn’t wait to get to the rides, the cotton candy and the livestock barn.


1-Winners fairwow


But this year, as fair participants/competitors for the first time, they literally ran to the exhibit hall.  The satisfaction they felt was immeasurable.  I was as proud as they were.

Each child had entries in baked goods and creative arts.  Laurel also entered sewing, which was the first area we saw as we entered the building.  The first photo above says it all–she was ecstatic.   But there was no  time to linger–snap a photo and move on!



Robert with his Blue Ribbon wooden golf toy


Most of their entries were in the huge Creative Arts category.  Robert often chose to play football or chess with his grandfather instead of making projects for the fair.   He had only a few entries, but he did  work with Granddad to assemble this wooden miniature golf toy from a kit.

He also stained and varnished a quilt rack for his mother’s Christmas present.  He was so proud.


1-Winners quilt

Laurel with her Best in Show quilt. Robert’s Red Ribbon wooden quilt rack is just below Laurel’s quilt.


After the excitement of the Best in Show for sewing, Laurel was almost in a state of shock when she discovered that the quilt she worked on for almost a year had also earned Best in Show.


1-Winners  Lpilocase

Laurel points to her turn tube St. Patrick’s Day pillowcase. Her doll dress, which matches her own A-line dress, is next to the giraffe..


Blue ribbons were pinned to her doll sleeping bag,  doll dress,  knitted scarf, St. Patrick’s day turn tube pillowcase,


Robert with Red Ribbon zippered tote bag

Robert with Red Ribbon zippered tote bag


Robert made a zippered bag with a sew-on football applique’.  He wanted this to hold the mouthpiece he wears for his flag football games.


1-R dough


1-bread baking rl


Both children earned red ribbons for their baked goods, Robert’s artisan bread and Laurel’s lemon pound cake.




This was such a rewarding experience.  Not only did the children learn about baking and woodworking, sewing and knitting, but they also learned the value of practice, perseverance and striving to do your best.  They also deduced that the more work you put into county fair entries, the more ribbons and cash premium money you earn. Few things motivate children like ribbons and cash.

This coming week, they want to start on next year’s fair entries.  I can’t wait.

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