Cutest Little Boy does DisneyWorld

This week, my adorable grandson Alastair visited DisneyWorld for the first time.   He will be 3 next month and his parents decided that he was old enough to enjoy and appreciate this major milestone in the life of a Florida child.

Of course, as soon as the trip was scheduled, I rushed to my Brother Duetta 4500D with all its Disney embroidery to stitch a shirt for him. He loved it and I loved being able to make this little guy smile, not that it is hard.

He waited patiently for the documentation of his arrival at the castle, but was eager to move on.

At this tender age, he has not yet focused on one Disney character or another, so his shirt is a simple crest with Mickey.  I can’t wait to stitch out Pooh and Donald and the whole gang at Toon Town.  I’ve done Minnie princesses and Tinkerbell for Laurel and her doll, but Alastair is more likely to want Tigger.

It was a rather impromptu trip to the Magic Kingdom, so he didn’t get the full Disney garb his brother-sister cousins wore for their first trips.  Or the more elaborate Mickey shirt that Robert wore most recently.

But he was Disney dressed, nonetheless, as he  rode the train

and toured Swiss Family Robinson’s tree house.

He watched the parade, first from his daddy’s shoulders

and then up close and personal.

He wore his Mickey shirt when he hung out with M & M!

After all that excitement, the little guy in the Mickey shirt just gave out….

But he has 100 pictures and his shirt to remind him of this magical day.  I know he will want more Disney gear now that he has been there, so I plan to make him more shirts and a pillowcase.

The next time Alastair goes to the Magic Kingdom, you can be sure that his Nana will see that he is decked out in full Disney regalia.

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