Granddaughter’s Sewing Camp


Kennedy is proudly wearing the sundress she made at her grandmother's ("Mimi" Judy Day) sewing camp.

Kennedy is proudly wearing the sundress she made at her grandmother’s (“Mimi” Judy Day) sewing camp.

Mimi’s Sewing Camp at Judy Day’s house has been a whirlwind of activity.  Before the arrival of 8 year old Kennedy, Judy prepared a variety of projects.  Then they sewed and laughed and had a great time together.

Kennedy, who has sewn with her grandmother before,  stitched some fabulous things.  This sundress was an ambitious undertaking–and didn’t she do a great job?!?   Don’t you love her fabric choices?

See how cute the back is?

Kennedy dress back


This was Kennedy’s first experience cutting out by herself.


cutting out

cutting out


Of course, Judy had a few fun American Girl doll projects for Kennedy.


K doll


CORRECTION:  The AG doll top was a modified version of the Bandeau Top and Dress by Liberty Jane Patterns.

The doll patterns are from the Martha Pullen book Sew Kool for Kids, but the patterns were too big and needed to be altered to fit Kennedy’s  doll.  The shorts were especially large.



What a great experience for Kennedy and for Judy.  Lifelong memories were made while learning to sew.  In addition to working with her grandmother, Kennedy also attended a 5 day sewing camp at B-Sew Inn.

Have you sewn with any children?  It is such a satisfying, fun thing to do.  Please share any of your pictures and/or stories of sewing with children.  Connie at Blumenkinder Heirloom has pictures of her 4 daughters’ entries in the county fair.  I have photos of the neat projects Jo’s 8 yo daughter and friend have sewn with Jo’s supervision.  My granddaughter Laurel is making good progress on the quilt she is working on.

I’ll share these pictures later.  Please send me any that you would like to be included.  I think it is really helpful and inspirational to see what other children are sewing.

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