Swiss Dot Daygown and Thankfullness

Thanksgiving Day sewing


I hope you all had a joyful and happy Thanksgiving.  This is the first turkey day celebration in several years that both of our children and  their families were gathered around the harvest table. In order for that to happen, we scheduled our festivities for Wednesday.  That allowed for dinner with their in-laws.

It’s been a lonnnnnnng time since I’ve posted, for no other reason than busy, busy, busy-ness.  A lot of time has been spent with dear friends who are dealing with heartbreaking and life-threatening health hardships.  These continue even now.  High on our Thankful-For List is good health.  I am reminded yet again that sewing is not the most important task on my daily to-do list.  But it’s still near the top.

I have sewn a little and finally finished smocking the striped Swiss dot daygown which was started some time ago.  Just last night, I pleated up a matching bonnet so that and a pair of pink knitted booties will complete  this little outfit.


gown all

I have to say again that this is one of the most luscious fabrics I have ever handled.  And now I’m beginning to wonder about the fiber content, as it seems to be nearly wrinkle free.  That would be a real bonus.


yoke-002 xx


These photos have given me fits as I’ve tried to adjust them to reflect the true colors.  Trust me, the pink is as soft as baby’s cheeks and the smocking is slightly darker.




I doubt you are much interested in the sleeve, but this picture is the best representation of the color.

The smocking was done with Madeira silk floss, leaves with floche and the white flowers were DMC.  A piece of very fine vintage entredeux was applied between the lace and the sleeve edge.  It was purchased about 20 years ago from a vendor of antique laces at a doll show.   Its delicacy seems to be due to use of finer thread on finer fabric.



I’ve saved this piece all these years and am happy finally to found the perfect use for it. There was enough left to use on  the bonnet.

It was very tempting to add more embellishments, like lace down the front.  But the fabric and smocking gave me more than enough to look at, so the gown is pretty basic.  Still, I’m pleased with it.

The neck binding is solid pink Swiss batiste.  I didn’t think I would like the striped effect on this garment.

Now, I’m off to serge 25 yds. of 5″ strips of Christmas fabric–both sides!  Yikes!  That’s 50 yds. of serging!  These strips will be borders for church bulletin boards,  a project which I’ve taken on.

Please leave a comment every now and again so I know you’ve been here.  These past two weeks I’ve had to deal with 2,000 to 3500 spam messages each day on this blog.  Additionally, with every message, I am notified at my e-mail address, so I’ve had to delete each message twice.  The text has worn off my delete button! As I can batch delete 20 at a time on the blog, I may have deleted some legitimate comments from actual readers.  Please forgive me and repost if that has happened.

After Thanksgiving dinner, our son added a spam filter  that does not require readers to read and rewrite encrypted letters or give the name, birthdate and social security number of their first born.  His solution to that problem is just one more thing for which I am extremely grateful!  I wonder what new blessing will come tomorrow?

Have you added any new items to your Thankful-For List?

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