Updated…Compromises-Play it again, Sam!

Though nothing like this was heard at the formal Stetson Christmas Concert which is central to this post, the video below is is too special not to share. Thanks, Shirley, for bringing this to my attention. I promise you all will want to see this to the very hilarious ending.


I’m being forced to make creative compromises.  It is absolutely impossible to sew all that I want and to regularly dress my grandchildren in the classic clothing I’ve always wanted for them.

Torn between making baby clothes for soon-to-arrive granddaughter #2 and sewing Christmas outfits for the three grandchildren who are already here, I am making compromises I never thought I would accept.

I’m re-doing, recycling, and taking shortcuts with holiday clothes, not to mention cooking and housekeeping!  This year’s Christmas frock for granddaughter Laurel is 2011 all over again.  It’s the same burgundy velveteen collar dress, though he collar has been replaced with one I made for my daughter 24 years ago.

This doesn’t even meet the bridal wardrobe standard of “something old and something new.”  This is just something old and something older!

Seven year old Robert joined us this year for the Stetson University Christmas Concert.   He looked handsome in a nice red sweater (off the rack, not even handknit by Nana), while Laurel, 8, wore this dress.  But they certainly didn’t compliment one another’s outfits.  Oh well.

The concert was absolutely spectacular and incredibly moving.  My scalp prickled and my eyes teared.

The impact of the divine music and the beauty of the surroundings cannot be overstated.  And according to my family, I’m the Queen of Exaggeration.

100 year old Elizabeth Hall Auditorium.  I wish you could see it with the lights dimmed and the candles lit.

Shortly after this photo was taken, a gorgeous golden harp was brought on stage. Later it was played by Cameron Huster, a lovely young lady from our church who now teaches at Stetson University.  When she was 8, she took a quilting class from my daughter, 16 year old Rebecca.

Cameron Huster, harpist, stock photo

The addition of the harp and Cameron’s artistry at the strings certainly elevated the concert music to a heavenly level.  Other new features included handbells and a 7-piece string ensemble of violins, cellos and a bass cello.  My oh my!

As we waited, Robert and Laurel wiggled and chatted.

Laurel is sucking a mint Lifesaver.

But once the music began, they were all ears.

I doubt this Christmas dress is the last compromise I will have to make in the next several months.  With four grandchildren, I will have to find ways to stitch more in less time.

How do you juggle/schedule projects for the children in your family?  I’d appreciate any tips.



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