Junior Entrepreneur

custom orders ready for delivery—monograms and “Homeschool Rocks”

After learning about economics and business in her homeschool curriculum, my 8 year-old granddaughter Laurel has gone into business for herself.

There was considerable discussion with her mother and me about the commitment and responsibilities this would entail, but she was undaunted.   She designed, printed and distributed a flyer at her Girl Scout meeting and then at a homeschool function.

She used the prize money she earned at the county fair for start up capital,  calculated her cost of doing business to determine the price,  came up with a few advertising strategies, made up an order form and a sample bag.  BAM!  She is a CEO!  Already she has had several requests for tee shirts, but I don’t think she is ready for that yet.

She created this flyer all by herself using computer skills and the Publisher (I think that’s what it was) program she just learned.

She has already delivered 6 bags and has orders for 3 more.

When her iron-on Girl Scout patches fell off, she sewed them on and learned about monofilament thread   Then she offered that service to the moms in her troop.  At 50 cents per patch, it’s a bargain for mothers and a nice sideline for Laurel.  Business is booming!

Laurel sewed the patches on this Daisy vest.

Her next market target will be fellow piano students and then the moms at Robert’s football and basketball games.  At this rate, she might need an investment counselor!  This sewing business sure beats the lemonade stand.

P.S.  She is donating 10% of her profits to charity.  I love this kid.

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