For a Musical Biker Chef

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When my daughter asked me to make a Christmas stocking for her husband, Harvey, I dragged my feet.  Knowing it needed to be unique and personal, I had no inspiration.  That was three years ago.  I reeeeally dragged my feet.

Last week, she sent a note asking would I please start working on Harvey’s stocking next summer.  That got to me.   She suggested something like a biking Santa or a chef.  Bingo!  I had my inspiration.

It shouldn’t have been that hard for me.  But he is an absolute computer genius so I was hung  up on that angle.  Now, focusing on his biking, cooking and musical skill, I could move ahead.

My fabulous son-in-law is an incredible chef.    My daughter, bless her heart, makes great toast and hot chocolate.  That’s all.  So Harvey does all the cooking, enthusiastically. Last year’s Christmas dinner has become a family legend.  And Rebecca sets a lovely table.


Chef Harvey’s Christmas goose 2011

Harvey is as passionate about biking as he is about cooking.  This past summer he joined almost 10,000 bikers on the the RAGBRAI  (Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) bike safari, pedaling 525 miles across and around Iowa, in July, on purpose!

Once Rebecca had given me inspiration, the Amazing Designs French Chefs  collection came to mind.  I’m no big fan of chef designs (my daughter learned to cook from me) for my personal use because I don’t like to draw attention to my shortcomings.  But in my humble opinion, this is one of the most artistically designed and meticulously digitized embroidery collections ever.  The shading and detail are just amazing.  This doesn’t show the shading, but at least you can see the designs.

Sadly, this set is no longer available from Amazing Designs. I often wonder why embroidery design companies discontinue collections.

The biker chef with the chicken on his hat was selected, mirror imaged and edited to wear a Santa hat.  The chicken riding in the bread basket (YUKK!!!) was replaced with a small Christmas tree.  And the bike was stitched in red, like Harvey’s bike.

biker chef

Harvey is also very musical and was a member of the University of Pennsylvania marching band.  Needing a design to fill in the toe of the stocking, the musical staff and holly design fit nicely and repeated the   Fa la la la la  music themed text  introduced above the chef.  The stars and swirls were added as filler and to brighten up the dark background.


musical toe


The body of the stocking is loden green ultrasuede, trimmed with jumbo black piping and a candy striped corded edge.  The lining is a muted red and green plaid. The polar fleece cuff was serged with the wave stitch and embroidered with Harvey’s name.




The stocking will look nice hanging next to the black ultrasuede one I made for Alastair.  Rebecca’s 34 year-old hand knit sock is a very different style.  It will be interesting to see if sentimentality overrules her Sugarbaker design sense.  hmmmmmm….though I do have some deep rose ultrasuede in my stash.

What are you sewing for Christmas?

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