Readers’ Easter Outfits

While it’s unlikely that I am the only Nana or Mama stitching right down to the Easter Sunday deadline, it’s nice to know that some readers are contentedly dying eggs, sampling gourmet jelly beans and buying chocolate bunnies.  Ahhh, I wish.


Courtney finished this gorgeous brother-sister set more than 10 days ago!

Courtney finished this gorgeous brother-sister set more than 10 days ago!  And  these aren’t even their church clothes!  See below.


Courtney shared  pictures of TWO brother-sister sets that she has made for Easter.

Her daughter’s first dress is cut from one of my all-time favorite patterns, Maggie  by Children’s Corner. The smocking plate is Bunny Luv by Ellen McCarn.  I love that she mirror imaged the chocolate bunny on the dress so they are facing one another.    Her color choices are as  lovely as her smocking.


Courtney close


Courtney, what pattern did you use for your son’s suit?  The shaped waist band is so elegant, especially with those gorgeous pearl buttons!

And look what she has made for church!


Courtney Easter 2

Portrait collars AND puffing!!!!  Two of my favorite heirloom features.  And such gorgeous lace.  These are just breathtaking, Courtney.  Thanks so much for sharing.

Jo always amazes me with both quality and quantity of what she creates.  Her five children will be coordinated, with the two little ones dressed in lavender corduroy, trimmed with a paisley print.    The family lives in Brrr Cold Country so she has planned for a chilly Easter.  And that’s just what the weatherman has predicted.

Noel Easter 13


Curly Girlie Noel, 5, is cute as a button in this trendy dress with some designer touches her mother added, like this cuff.




Just look at the zipper insertion and the perfectly aligned piping.



The other children’s outfits, including ties for the two older boys and for their father, are in various stages of construction.  I can’t wait to see them grouped together in a family photo.

Remember the shadow smocked dress I made Laurel last year for Easter?  Karen, at Karen’ts Butterflies and Fairies  posted a shadow smocked dress she made for her daughter years ago.  It is incredibly lovely.  The back is unsmocked, finished with a big sash, edged with mitred lace.  Soooo pretty!  Take a look at it here.

While you are there, check out her honeycomb smocked pillowcase dress, made to pop over leggings or jeans.  Laurel is almost 9 and would love this.  Karen has other really creative garments made from vintage linens that I would love to replicate.

It’s back to the sewing room for me.  I’m about half way done with 10 week old Vivian Rose’s dress and still have her bonnet and Alastair’s  tie to make.  How are your Easter projects coming along?

easter bunny shoes

7 responses to “Readers’ Easter Outfits

  1. Oh, my goodness, Janice! I was so surprised to see my dresses featured on your blog! To say that I am thrilled is an understatement. Thank you! Courtney and Jo have made some beautiful clothing for Easter. I can’t get over that Courtney made two outfits for each child. I was always lucky if I got both my children’s mommy-mades ready in time!

  2. Now I’m inspired to go make something with puffing. I’m with Karen; I can’t imagine making TWO sets of Easter garments. I L.O.V.E. the mitered lace on that sash! Three days (and nights, for some of us) to go….

  3. That is fun to see. We’ve been too busy with relocating this year, so it’s great to read about what others have done! Wow. What a great job! We have our work area ready, and a few things at the cut-out stage; we’ll see what happens between now and Sunday. 🙂

  4. Happy Easter everyone!

    Wow….Love seeing what everyone is making. Karen, lace and puffing speak to my heart! Jo, love the idea of mixing the floral with cord…..and I must try the sleeve detail…is there a pattern or did you draft it?
    One of my dresses was delivered the first of March. First time EVER to have Easter finished before the last minute. The other dress just lacks hemming and I am waiting to try it on her after she gets here. Both AM Girl dolls dresses are finished….One delivered and one waiting in the Easter basket.

  5. Judy, you are amazing! I’m sure that those are the best dressed 4 American Girls in the country!

  6. Judy, there’s not *really* a pattern. I borrowed the idea from a cuffed Capri pattern for the AG. I added the cuff because the dress was designed with “cropped” sleeves, and I didn’t notice until it was done. I hope we get to see pictures of your granddaughters and their dolls in their Easter finery.

  7. The smocking plate came with the pattern. I smocked with Perle Cotton #8. My dresses look a bit different becuase I pre-constructed the pink one and I didn’t consider that the ribon row had to be done BEFORE the construction. So on the pink one, I just repeated elements of the lower half of the smocking plate in the place where the ribbon was supposed to be. Both dresses are made with quilting weight cotton.

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