Ruffled Smockable Bubble

V bubble front

The six month size fits her perfectly with a crotch extension.

This past week with our grandchildren has been delightful—and exhausting!  Laurel wants to teach two of her friends to sew, so she did a practice lesson.   Robert spent an entire afternoon with his grandfather assembling a free standing basketball hoop.  Alastair spent time with his cousins handling and socializing the feral kittens we have housed in the old chicken house.

A orange kitten 1

Alastair with one of his favorite kittens and one of his favorite bandaids.

Each day, I thought surely tomorrow this bubble would be completed!  Finally it is, after this special time with Robert, Laurel, Alastair and baby Vivian Rose.

Our daughter Rebecca, mother of Alastair and Vivian Rose, is crazy about bubbles for her baby girl, especially with ruffled bottoms.  I figured out a long time ago that the quickest way to fill up Baby’s wardrobe with the sweet garments her mama prefers is to begin with ready-to-smock items.

ruffled all


Of all  the things I have sewn for Vivian Rose’s big brother Alastair, now 4,  this is Rebecca’s favorite.    She asked if I could make a girlie version smocked in pale pinks and ivory for Vivian Rose.  And please add ruffles.



Vivian Rose’s big brother Alastair, at 3 months old, in his Smockable bubble.


Ellen McCarn’s Monogram leaflet was used for the smocking design.  This has been used again and again.




The smocking was easy, though now I wish I had used a lighter green and a darker pink for the monogram.


ruffled insert


Adding ruffles was a bigger challenge, as I had to open the side seams all the way down to the elastic in the legs and join the ruffles over the free arm of the machine.  In retrospect, it might have been easier to cut through the leg elastic and redo it after the ruffles were attached.


V ruffles 4


This sweet ballet pink buttons and the scallop trim is from Farmhouse Fabrics.  


ruffled sleeve


The trim replaced the shirttail hem on the smocked sleeves, edged  the ruffles and was hand whipped to the piped collar.


ruffled collar-001

The scalloped trim was hand whipped to the collar under the piping.  The French knot flowerettes repeat the same flowerettes on either side of the “C” monogram.


Because Vivian Rose is a cloth diapered baby, she requires more length in bubbles and sleepers to accommodate the bulky nappies.  So for this and two other bubbles, the Old Fashioned Baby pattern made of Liberty and Sara Norris’ Sweet Baby Jane,  I added a2 1/2″ extension at the crotch.  Now  they fit perfectly.


crotch extension


All things considered, I am quite pleased with this Smockable bubble.  I  think Vivian Rose agrees.


ruffled blanket smile2

14 responses to “Ruffled Smockable Bubble

  1. Thanks for the info on the crotch extension size. My granddaughter will also be cloth diapered. I will need to make than extension as well.

  2. Oh how utterly adorable!! And what a sweetie pie she is!

  3. You have beautiful Grandchildren. Vivian Rose has the sweetest smile! Of course the bubble is precious and I love the ruffles in the back.

  4. Thank you, Sue. All grandchildren are beautiful in the eyes of their grandparents. God is good!

  5. Thank you, Angela. I can’t help but be amazed that babies can be so different and yet all are adorable.

  6. I’m happy to give you a heads up on this. The first two bubbles I made her, one a 3 month and the other 6 months, were both too short by the time she was 4 weeks old. On the 3 month size I added a full 3″ and now, even at almost 16 pounds, she can still wear it. But in ready-to-wear sleepers she needs a 9 month size. On the smallest bubble, I added two sets of buttons 1″ apart, so she could continue to grow into it. Baby’s mother will appreciate the lengthened wearability with the extension.

  7. This bubble is so pretty! The smocking is perfect with that darling pink trim and the ballet pink buttons. I adore the edging trimmed tushie ruffles! Vivian Rose is a gorgeous baby and looks lovely in your nana love clothes. I’m so glad that your daughter loves the heirloom style clothing as much as you love to make them. Thank you for sharing another wonderful creation.

  8. I just received my most recent Sew Beautiful today, and towards the back there is a page of recommended blogs, one of which is yours. I would love to know what pattern is pictured in the blurb about your blog, and if it is still available or not. It is a blue smocked dress with an embroidered lace overlay (with sleeves). Thanks!

  9. Another masterpiece from your sewing room! Sweet baby and sweet bubble!
    Alastair looks so proud of his kitty!

  10. Sharon, lucky you to have your new Sew Beautiful! I anxiously await mine so I haven’t seen which of the submitted photos was included with the blog blurb. I’ll let you know about the dress pattern as soon as I see the issue. As soon by and will let you know about the pattern as soon as I see the magazine. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you will stop by again.

  11. Thanks so much! I’ll check back soon.

  12. Sharon, a friend just sent me a picture of the photo included with my blog blurb. I have never seen that dress before and have no idea who made it. It is not one of the photos I submitted. I wish I could be more helpful.

  13. Holly Proffit

    I love the smocked pink bishop bubble with the ruffles on the butt!
    Do you make these ready to smock for sale?

  14. Holly, this was a ready-to-smock from Martha Pullen. I added the ruffles. My daughter was so thrilled to have a baby girl that she that every outfit have ruffle butts. They are so cute on baby girls.

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