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It seemed as though I would never finish this simple little pini-4, but at last it is checked off on my to-do list.  There were no technical complications, but rather just a matter if life getting in the way.  Entire days passed when I did not sew and that makes me cranky.  I feel better now.

The original plan was to add a row of cable under the beaded ribbon, but in my eagerness to finish this up I just forgot.  Of course, it’s not too late and I could still do it.  It  really would look better.  But I am tired of this project.  It’s done. I’m ready to move on.

The pattern is the same one I used for the Liberty of London popover for granddaughter Vivian Rose.  But I look forward to when Lisa at Mommy’s Apron Strings releases her very similar pattern.  She has so many improvements, like sizing.




The fabric is a very, very nice quality 100% cotton (batiste weight) with the real-deal Swiss dots scattered throughout. And just $9.99 py!  Using my 50% off coupon makes it $5 py now, and I am loving it even more.


scan dot fabric


It was a surprise to find this at JoAnn’s.  Some time ago, my daughter called me a textile snob and in all honesty I have to plead guilty as charged.  Most of the fabric I use has been purchased at Farmhouse Fabrics, Martha Pullen Company or other quality, upscale fabric retailers. So when I found this sweet piece at JoAnn’s, I was taken aback.  But since Judy Day bought that lovely “Lisette” satin finish cotton at JoAnn’s for her  granddaughters’ Easter dresses, I’ve looked more closely at their fabrics.  There are some real beauties available.




The skirt back opening has an interesting modification.  Instead of adding a placket, I simply faced the slit with lace tape.  This is a neat, soft, no fuss finish which worked perfectly, allowing the smocking to come right up to the back opening.

Swiss edging was joined around the perimeter of the pini-4 and at the legs.  Embroidery floss was woven through the entredeux pattern, giving some visual weight to the white edging against the white background of the fabric.


yoyo close


Where the ties attached, yo-yo’s covered the securing stitches.  Pearl buttons are nestled in the center of the yo-yo’s for an extra embellishment.


ruffle back


I’ve tried my best to accommodate my daughter’s request for ruffle bottom bloomers for Baby Girl’s outfits.  Several methods of attachment have been tried and I’ve finally settled on this technique.  The ruffles were rolled and whipped on my serger with wooly nylon in the upper looper.  Then the gathering thread, run 1/2″ from the top edge, was pulled up.  After extensive pinning,  a small zig zag stitch L2 W1.5) was worked over the gathering thread to join the ruffle to the bloomer back.




I really enjoyed making this little headband.  On the crocheted elastic headband yardage purchased at–where else?–JoAnn’s, two yo-yo’s were stacked with a tiny purple button in the center.  A short length of microcheck  tubing was left over, so it was added to the mix.

Of course, I can’t wait to see Vivian Rose wearing this.  I hope her mama isn’t disappointed in the color.  She told me early on that she didn’t care what color I made Baby’s clothes–light pink, dark pink, rosy pink, bright pink, pale, pale pink—well, you get the picture.

Now I’m moving on, but to what I am not sure.  Time for true confessions.  I have fallen off the fabric diet wagon and purchased yardage of several gorgeous pieces.  The one that is calling me is the Lisette  print Judy used for her girls’ dresses.  I think Laurel Cade will soon be wearing a gaily printed sundress.

I’ll get started on  that as soon as I put that row of purple cable below the beaded ribbon….sigh.   Being compulsive is a real pain.


UPDATE:  I did it.  Less than 18 hours after this post was put up, that much needed cable row has been added.  Whew!  Why did I fight it?  Now I am much happier with the project. And now I am reeeeeeally moving on.

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