Quick Big Girl Skirt

L skirt


Laurel loves her new denim skirt and so do I.   My friend Suzanne Sawko recommended this pattern, telling me that it was a favorite of her granddaughter Alee, who is the same age as Laurel.



You can cut out and serge this skirt in less time than it takes to bake a cake and it made Laurel even happier than her favorite–lemon pound cake.  It is such a unique pattern.

There is just one pattern piece to cut, though it comes with pieces in different sizes.  You simply measure your little  gal around the hips, check the chart and pick piece A, B or C.

The number of gores you cut are determined by the hip measurement.  Pieces then are serged together (or sewn if you prefer) with the seams exposed or not.  With an odd number of gores, two fabrics can be alternated as shown on the pattern cover.

A casing is turned over for the elastic waist band.  How easy is that?

I plan to make more of these for Laurel, some dressy, some casual.  Try it.  I bet you’ll like it.

14 responses to “Quick Big Girl Skirt

  1. What a cute skirt, Janice! It has such a nice drape and looks great on Laurel.

  2. Thanks, Donna. I can see this made up for church with a dressier fabric and a pretty low-profile(fewer than 12yds. lace) heirloom blouse. What a great pattern!

  3. Thanks again for another neat pattern idea! You “get me” with each one!

  4. The skirt is just adorable and fits Laurel so well, Janice. I love the butterfly shirt Laurel paired it with, too.

  5. Thanks, Karen. This is a good year-round garment for a Florida girl. I can see it with a bulky sweater and boots or with a tank top and sandals. Now, if I just didn’t have a pile of mending to do I’d be on it!

  6. Love the skirt! Skirts like that one are popular up here too. Fun to make in an afternoon or so.

  7. As soon as I finish my have-to list, I’m making another. With a serger, your girls could crank out several of these in a short day. With a sewing machine, they could make at least a few.

  8. from Martha Pullen Forum: Janice – she has hips???????? lol – when Emily was a year old her measurements were 20 20 20 when she was 3 she was 19-1.2 19-1/2 19-1/2 when she came for Christmas when she was 4-1/2 I checked the tag in her tee shirt she was wearing – it said 24 months – the sleeves were a bit short but that is it – my DIL could not find school uniform to fit her for grade 1 – had to be navy slacks or jumper or skirt with white blouse – pants – NO PROBLEM – skirt – no way – jumper she looked like she was wearing my D-I-L’s dress lol – then my DIL found in a barbain basement clearance size 3 and 4 skirts – bingo – but the ones at regular stores had adjustable waist well they made Emily look like she was wearing a diaper because the waist had to be pulled in to the max. Same thing with shoes – when she was 4 I bought her shoes for kindergarten to start school – she didn’t get to wear them until she was in grade 2.
    She looks about 6 even her baby teeth did not fall out – she was the last kid in the class – no visit from the tooth fairy even.
    She wants big girl styles but they don’t fit her.

  9. From Martha Pullen Forum: That is really cute! And a nice length! I sure was dismayed to see the micro mini skirts come back! It would look very cute with exposed seams, either raw edge or serged. I have a gored skirt with exposed, serged seams.

  10. Love the skirt. It fits so well.

  11. Thanks, Judy. Thanks to your encouragement and help, I feel comfortable with my serger and look forward to sergine more things.

  12. That is right, Janice. They are, in fact, working on skirts now. I love this “age” where they know how to sew and jump in with both feet, literally. They like gored skirts, a-line skirts, and now they like the bias action of the circular skirt. At first, it seemed overwhelming with so many hands using my machinery, fabric and patterns everywhere, but now I wander away, work on my own projects, and enjoy seeing the outcome of their “fun”. I do want to develop their “fine” sewing skills, but I figure that will come with time and experience.

  13. Connie, it is just wonderful that your girls are at this level of accomplishment. You have done an amazing job teaching them. I love seeing their projects.

  14. from SewForum: Janice, what a darling skirt! Laurel surely looks like she loves it. 😉 I love using my serger on projects like this – it surely makes quick work of them. 🙂

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