New Little Sewing Enthusiast and Free ME Design

aurel encouraged Alyssa. The girls sewed in their pajamas until long past bedtime.

Laurel encouraged Alyssa. The girls sewed in their pajamas until long past bedtime.


What a fabulous weekend we had!   Two grandchildren are a bundle of fun, but including a third child added so much to the equation.

Additionally,  I had that pleasure of introducing that child to the wonders of sewing!

When my granddaughter learned that her good friend Alyssa had been asking  for sewing lessons,  Laurel asked if she could invite her to spend the weekend with us. We all had a grand  time.


A N finished emb

If you would like this Scripture, post your request as a comment. The design will be e-mailed to you.


We started with embroidery because she had a specific project in mind for her pastor father.  He recently answered a call to another church and she wanted to embroider one of his favorite Scripture verses to hang in the new office.

Psalm 19:14 was not in my now very extensive collection of Bible verse designs—thank you Designs by JuJu and Sew Bird’s Stitches–so I worked up the text quickly and easily with my Brother PE-Design.   It certainly is appropriate for a preacher.

If you would like the 5 x 7 design (without the Embroidery Library frame), please post your request as a comment and it will be sent to you.  The pretty frame from Embroidery Library was added.

Kids  today are so quick with any computer equipment!  In no time at all, Alyssa was threading my Brother Quattro and regularly checking the camera feature for a close up of the needle penetration point.  She thought that was so cool.

She wanted this picture of her threading the machine because she knew her parents would be so proud of her.


A threads


Laurel had business to tend to.  In addition to monogramming tote bags for Girl Scout and homeschool friends, her “company” offers the service of sewing Girl Scout patches onto uniform vests.  This weekend, she had 17 patches to do while Alyssa was busy embroidering.   So she ran back and forth from her machine to Alyssa’s in order to offer encouragement and support.

But the life of a working girl has its  rewards.   Because of her hard work, she just purchased Cecile, another American Girl Doll, with some of her earnings.  With all the hours the girls spent at the machines, it looked a lot like a kiddie sweat shop here in my sewing room.

Later, Alyssa helped me stuff a Matryouska doll I had started for Operation Christmas Child and was so curious about how it went together that she stitched one for her 2 year old sister.  Then she embroidered a dish towel for her mother.  “Dish towels?!?  You can embroider dish towels???”  After witnessing her absolute delight when she saw an in-the-hoop heart shaped change purse,  I decided not to introduce her to any other possible projects.  The child was in overload!  Her enthusiasm was just adorable.

I didn’t get a picture of either of the other two projects because we were so busy doing other fun things.

Granddad took them for an outing in the golf cart, after which they took themselves on an imaginary wild ride.



They fed our 3 cats, who were previously feral but are now lovingly domesticated.  This feline family has  taken up residence in our abandoned goat barn, a safe refuge from our cat-hating dogs.




They swam with Granddad .  They roasted marshmallows at the bonfire and made s’mores.  Lots of s’mores.




They had a pillow fight.

pillow fight


Alyssa told a few Bible stories and Robert read to the girls before being banished (in his opinion) to the guest room.



bedtime reading


Sunday before church, Alyssa and Laurel played duets on the piano.


piano girls


Later, Alyssa observed Laurel serve as acolyte at church, something Alyssa would very much like to do.  She hopes her father incorporates acolytes into the worship service at the new church.




AnL narthex


It was such a delightful weekend for all of us.  Sewing fun and 3 precious children.  Can it get any better than that?


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76 responses to “New Little Sewing Enthusiast and Free ME Design

  1. Sharon, the design has been sent. I hope you enjoy stitching it out.

  2. Rosemary I Smith

    I just found your website today and am excited to see the free scripture since I’ve been thinking of making something for our pastor. Also my daughter in law is pregnant and I’m looking forward to making baby clothes and loved the design you the baby dress and bonnet!

  3. The design has been sent, Rosemary, and I feel certain your pastor would appreciate such a gift. As for making baby clothes for a new grandchild, I know you will enjoy every minute of it. Sewing for babies is pure joy.

  4. Jennifer Harris

    I just came across you site, and I this it’s great . I can’t wait to see the free scripture.

  5. Welcome, Jennifer, and I hope you visit often. The scripture has been sent.

  6. I thought your pictures of the girls sewing were great. I have 4 girl grandchildren and 4 young boy grandchildren with 2 older grandsons and one of them is married, in the Air Force and stationed in Korea with his wife in Las Vegas. We just learned that she is pregnant which will make our oldest daughter a grandma. I hope to teach the girls to sew, knit, or crochet so that they will be able to make many things for themselves and others. It is wonderful to have friends get together and if more people would be friendly to others and take care of their families we would have a better and safer country. Sorry this was so long, but I just wanted to share a little bit about our family. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nancy, thank you for sharing about your wonderful family. Teaching these skills to your children and grandchildren is a loving gift from you. Congratulations on all your grandchildren and I pray that this new one will arrive safely, just as I pray that your deployed grandson will come home safely. You have a lovely family.

  8. Hi, I love the design you made with your young friend. Please email it to me. Thank you so much.


  9. Cynthia, the Psalm design has been sent. I hope you enjoy stitching it out.

  10. Hello! I just discovered your lovely blog! It’s great. I would love to stitch this out for a dear friend. Thank you so much! Jenn

  11. Jenn, the design has been sent. I hope you enjoy stitching it.

  12. Odette Romero

    I hope is not to late for you to e-mail me this design please, I will love to stitch this for myself. I pray this psalm every day.
    May the New Year brings you all the blessings, health and happiness. Remember to laugh for no reason everyday is good for your health and soul.
    Odette Romero

  13. No, Odette, it is not too late. I’d be happy to share this design with the beautiful words of the Psalm with anyone, anytime. The design has been sent.

  14. hi Janice, could I please request the Palms 19-14 design and the MSC design > I think that’s it . It is the one after the Palms on the blanket and bonnet. i know that I have sent you a few emails today but i just found your site and I am so impressed. Thank you

  15. Tammy, the designs have been sent. Happy sewing!

  16. Reatha Fitzgerald

    I’ve enjoyed the pictures of the girls sewing. My granddaughters love to sew when they are with me.

  17. Reatha, isn’t it so much fun to watch their eyes light up when they learn a technique or finish a little project? I love sewing with my grandchildren and their friends.

  18. I’d love to have the pattern for this verse. My three year old grandson learned it as his first Bible memory verse. I’ve already done verses for my older grandchildren. Thank you!

  19. Erma, what a dedicated grandmother you are! You must be so proud of that little boy to have memorized this verse. The design has been sent.

  20. I love your scripture design and would like a copy.

  21. Hanna, the scripture design has been sent. I hope it is a blessing to you.

  22. Hi- love that verse & the design. would love a copy. thanks!

  23. Sarah, I’m so glad you love this verse. The design has been sent and I hope it offer inspiration and a reminder to all who read it.

  24. Janice,
    It was wonderful to find your scripture verses. I have a machine but
    Not able to design long portions of text. Do you allow
    Your design to be used on items for sale? Or do you have it
    To purchase? I have an exp format if you are able to send 4×4
    Or 5×7 formatted scripture verses.
    Thank you!

  25. Debbie, you are welcome to use the scriptures any way you like–for sale or for personal use. There is only one design, but there are soooo many 4×4 scripture designs available at the other sites mentioned and linked in this post. I’ll see how the Psalm design is sized and e-mail you.

  26. Dear Janice,
    I am so delighted to have stumbled upon your site…it started out with me wanting to do some entredeux on a silk dupioni dress for my granddaughters second birthday, (she lives in Paris, lucky her) and then I started reading about your grand weekend with your grandkids and their friend Alyssa. When I saw the Bible verse Alyssa made for her dad, I immediately thought of my best friend and would love to stitch and frame it for her. I know it will really delight her. Almost every Sunday she goes to a nursing home and gives a sermon and Eucharist to the folks that are ambulatory and for the others she goes to everyone’s room and gives them the Eucharist and chats with them. Not only does she have Christians that attend, but a Jewish lady, a Buddhist, and a Seventh Day Adventist retired minister! After finishing Claire’s b-day outfit I have to make a communion cloth for her and I volunteered to make 45 of 100 Easter cards and three Spring cards for her flock! You are now in my “favorites” on my computer and I am so happy that I “found” you! P.S. Have been doing heirloom sewing for 22 years now and after losing my husband because of a doctor’s negligence two years ago this dress is the first time I have done any sewing, and I feel good that I am finally waking up and seeing the sun again! Have a blessed Easter and enjoy the day with your family.

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