My Mother’s Porcelain Dolls for Sale

Bonnie Babe Bow



My mother, Dollie Manning, was a very talented doll maker.  For several years, she teamed up with Lezette Thomason who sold the Lilliputian dolls at sewing events such as the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion.  Most of the dolls are signed, but a few were missed in the rush to meet a deadline.



This illustration is on the front of an old Needlecraft magazine. I love those old covers.  I’m not sure what the crutch is about, but the image reminds me of my mother surrounded by her dolls.


The prices are shown but do not include shipping or insurance.  If you would like any of these babies, just leave your request as a comment or send an e-mail to

I’ve held onto these dolls for several years, gifting some to my granddaughters and putting others away for future birthdays and Christmas presents.   But these naked babies need to be liberated from the drawer in my sewing room.  They also need some clothes!

Bonnie Babe Bow (there is another just like her but without the bow, shown further down) is just a precious little girl and so cute when she wears a smocked bishop dress.


Coquette 25



This little charmer, Coquette,  looks like the little girls in the1925-35 Needlecraft Magazine illustrations.


Josh 25



Josh has an official name that I can’t recall.  But when Mildred Turner saw it she declared he looked just like her grandson Joshua.  So that’s what we called him.




Big Boy becomes a pretty girl when dressed in lace and batiste.

These small dolls are such fun to dress.  Scraps of fine fabrics and laces are enough to make the tiny heirloom dresses these antique reproduction dolls deserve.  Won’t you adopt one?


Sugar Britches



Sugar Britches are easy to dress and relatively sturdy.  My granddaughter Laurel played with her own Sugar Britches (on carpet) when she was three years old.


Bonnie Babe



This Bonnie Babe is identical to Bonnie Babe Bow, but without the bow.  This doll is gender neutral.





Smiley has an Asian cousin Smiley made from Asian slip.  That Smiley is all loosey-goosey and needs to be restrung, but if your are interested, please let me know.





Big Baby is one of my favorites.  It reminds me of my own chubbalicious children before they walked.





Lorna has the body of an active 7-10 year old.  She reminds me of my dgd Laurel.  I always thought she would be stunning in a dropped waist dress.


Fat Baby



My friend Suzanne Sawko calls Fat Baby Matthew, because her son with that name weighed 32 lbs. at 12 months!  She said he looked just like this.  Talk about thunder thighs!


Marla 25



Lezette had bishop patterns for several of these dolls.  I’ll ask her if they are still available.

22 responses to “My Mother’s Porcelain Dolls for Sale

  1. Hi Janice,
    Love the dolls…..I would love Coquette if she is still available! Since I’m from that era, it would seem appropriate. Also if you have patterns available….I would love that too. I’ll be away for a few hours so I’ll check my emails when I return later today. THANK YOU

  2. Shirley, Coquette is yours. She is really excited about moving to Arizona. I will e-mail you privately about her transportation.

  3. Ellen Ayers

    I have Lorna!!! I was so excited when you last posted about the dolls. Lezette had an article in Sew Beautiful years ago and I ordered one from her. I was so excited when I got to speak on the phone to the “Children’s Corner lady.” When you posted about the dolls I was able to know exactly who had made the doll and the tag from your mother is still hanging from her in the back. She is dressed in a bishop dress that I made. She sits in a glass fronted old china cabinet in my sewing room and my granddaughters love to go in and look at her. She is one of my treasures!

  4. Ellen, I’m so glad to know that you are still enjoying one of my mother’s little babies. It meant a lot to her to know that others appreciated her creative efforts. I’d love to see a photo of Lorna in the dress you made. Thanks for sharing your doll story. P.S. I’ve known Lezette for years and it is still a thrill anytime I get to speak with her!

  5. There was a bishop pattern for the 5″ Berenguer doll in the June 2013 issue of SAGA News. It would probably be a good starting point for several of these dolls.

  6. Thanks, Jo! I’ve been trying to figure out how to rejoin SAGA and can’t find that info on their site. No doubt it is my error, but I will look again. I’d like to check out that pattern.

  7. Hi, Janice –
    Is “Fat Baby” still available? If so, I would love her. But, I’ll warn you, I’m changing her name! I’d also appreciate any info you have on tiny patterns. Many thanks

  8. Susan, that doll is still available and I would love for you to adopt her. For whatever reason, my mother could never remember this doll’s name (on the mold) or maybe she didn’t have one. At any rate, she always called her Fat Baby so we would know which doll we were talking about. I think she is precious. I will write to you privately about the details of her delivery.

  9. O!! SO happy I posted the pictures of my little darlings on Lezette’s FB group!! 🙂 I just LOOOOVE them!! And I still have the Bishop pattern if Lezette doesn’t I’d be delighted to send it to her. And I love that my little dollies sit on my mom’s old doll furniture.

  10. Your Mother gave me one with the bow in her hair. Think it was when we all roomed together at Myrtle Beach. I will always treasure it.

  11. Barbara, I’m happy, too, that you posted your doll photos. It motivated me to find new homes for my extras. Thanks to your post, most of the dolls have been liberated from that drawer in my sewing room to loving, adoptive new homes. Thanks! It really is special that they are posed on your mom’s old doll furniture. Sweet reminders.

  12. Sue, that was such a good time! My mother just loved you.

  13. Janice Domingue

    Janice, I am interested in a 41/2″ Bonnie Babe with bow if still available. Please let me know via email. Thank you from a doll lover in Louisiana…….

    PS I have a few of Lezette’s doll patterns some including the fabric I purchased at Martha Pullen School, but unfortunately she had no dolls left , I was very happy to see that you have dolls available. I would have loved to get a Coquette, but I see she is already purchased. If you know where I may acquire one please let me know since I do have a pattern for her as well.

  14. Janice, that Bonnie Babe is still available so she is yours. I’m sorry but I think that was the last Coquette for sale. I will write to you privately about Bonnie Babe’s adoption and transportation to your home. You are lucky to have Lezette’s patterns.

  15. Do you have anymore of your wonderful little dolls available? I just came across your page when I was looking at smocked doll dresses and fell in love with the one that you have on your site.
    Please let me know. I would really love to buy one of them.

  16. Claudia, I have written to you privately.

  17. I was lucky enough to buy two of these dolls from Lezette at the SAGA Convention in Richmond a loooong time ago. I am ashamed to say that they are still naked, something else always took priority. Maybe I’ll get them dressed soon!

  18. Chris, I’m glad to know you consider yourself lucky to have two of my mother’s dolls. She so loved making them and imagining where they would go, who would love them. Thanks for letting me know. I have a pattern for a bishop for the Bi-lo that I’d be happy to share with you when I find it—maybe before dressing them makes the top of the priority list!

  19. Got here too late to see the doll sale. Do you have any more. I purchased some from your mother years ago and gave to my granddaughter

  20. Linda, I have written to you privately about the dolls. Thanks for asking.

  21. I know it’s late, but I was searching for a pattern and ran across this. Your mother was so very talented to make these precious babies. Do you have any more dolls available?

  22. Colleen, just yesterday I came across two more dolls packed in my mother’s things. Lorna and Marla are both available, as shown in this blog post. I would love for you to adopt one or both of them.

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