A Happy Little Dress

happy dress front

Children’s Corner Katina pattern.   Extra buttons were added so the strap length could be easily adjusted when the dress is tried on. If not needed, the upper MOP buttons will be removed.


With its cheerful colors and simple design, this dress just makes me smile. The combination of Liberty of London tanna lawn, blue gingham checks, and yellow whipstitch piping seems to chirp predictions of happy days filled with warm sunshine, blue skies, and colorful flowers.


smocking up close


A bit of smocking front and back makes Katina just the sort of cute and comfortable  frock I’d like my 14 month old granddaughter to wear all summer long.


happy dress back

Katina back


I’d like to have added a cute hairbow to the ensemble but Vivian Rose has expressed a very strong dislike for anything on her head—except for strawberries and other food she rubs in.    Sigh…

Of course, a pair of ruffle bottom bloomers was needed to finish the outfit.  The edges of the 2 1/2″ wide ruffles are serged with a 3 thread rolled edge, using wooly nylon in  the upper looper.


bloomer ruffles


The OOP Katina pattern by Children’s Corner and all materials were pulled from my stash which makes me smile even more.




There was not enough gorgeous Liberty of London tanna lawn for the entire garment, so blue gingham check was substituted for the hem, yokes and straps.  Ultimately, the gingham was not necessary but I  think it made for a sweeter little dress.

Yellow whipstitch piping separates the hem from the skirt and trims the straps and yokes.


hemline crop


After this Katina was finished,  my daughter said she preferred a very short dress length because Vivian Rose always seems to be running and climbing.  The shorter length is better for her.  So three 1″ tucks were taken to achieve the preferred length.

Of course, they will be let out as she grows.  At this age, most babies do most of their growing in height, so this size 2 dress will probably be worn for more than a year.

I’m glad I didn’t know that the dress was to be so short before I cut it out or it’s likely I would have used Liberty for the entire garment.  I really like the use of contrasting fabric.

The leftover Liberty consisted of nothing more than the armhole curve cutouts and a very narrow strip torn selvage to selvage to straighten the fabric.  That strip was trimmed for use on the legs of the bloomers.


Katina pattcr


Though I think this happy little dress looks quite contemporary, the pattern and fabrics are vintage.   This same pattern was used to make several dresses for my Rebecca, including this one.   Now, her daughter, Vivian Rose, wears it!  That was some powerful, long lasting polyester fabric.

Katina tulip smock scan

Are any of your creations being worn by the second generation?  I’d love to hear about it.~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I spent weekend with Vivian Rose and family as we celebrated Alastair’s 5th birthday.  More on that fabulous event in a later, but I want to include a few pictures of our sweet girl wearing some garments featured in earlier posts.  With all the festivities and Baby’s whirling dervish perpetual motion, I was unable to get her dressed in the new Katina for a photo.  But I caught these as she was on the run.


VR flannel gown

VR parade table2

Vivian Rose in her Children on Parade catastrophe dress


6 responses to “A Happy Little Dress

  1. Your sundress is so cute and summery. It is going to be a favorite of your precious granddaughter, I am sure…….just precious!!! I adore the fact that the heirloom clothes you made for your daughter are being passed down to the next generation…….lovely memories for each of you!!

  2. Thank you, Phyllis. Seeing a grandchild wearing her mother’s smocked dresses always sends me on a trip down Memory Lane.

  3. Oh Janice, that is just sweet as can be. You always seem to add such wonderful details to your dresses. Your dgd is beautiful with those big blue eyes.

  4. She is a beautiful little girl. Her big blue eyes are so expressive. Must really be fun to sew for her.

  5. Thank you, Angela. Vivian Rose’s eyes are exactly like her mother’s. We’re crazy about both of them (both girls, not both eyes).

  6. Sue, she is such a fun little child, with looks as sweet as pie and a whirlwind personality that leaves us all breathless trying to keep up with her.

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