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One FF Cat with One Finally Finished UFO

FF (formerly feral) Rusty with CC Jane for Vivian Rose

FF (formerly feral) Rusty with FF (finally finished)  CC Jane for Vivian Rose


This little outfit has been sitting at the back of my cutting table for almost a year now.  Why?  Because after embroidering the tricycle I thought a lighter pink applique fabric would have looked better.  I got as far as cutting out another front, but never got to the re-embroidery.  So it sat. Until last week.


allegria bodice

Children’s Corner Jane, one of my go-to-patterns for wiggly Vivian Rose, with an added angel sleeve ruffle. The pattern is so simple, perfect for embellishing one way or another.

When I took it outside to photograph because the lighting is so much better, my ever-loving, always-seeking-affection feline fella Rusty jumped into a pot of geraniums to be near me.  It was a cat photobomb. But I  just kept shooting as sunset was approaching.

Some readers might remember this photo of grandson Alastair with kitten Rusty, who was discovered with his recently feral mama in our old vacant chicken house.  That was in an earlier post, Sew Lucky, Sew Beautiful, .

Alastair and tiny Rusty kitten

Grandson Alastair is wearing his Big Brother shirt and holding tiny Rusty.   Mama Alina is keeping close to her kitten. He never was camera shy.


A most unusual cat, he has grown up to be as social, loving and attentive as any dog we’ve had.


Rusty tail w dress

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Fireflies and Summer Nights

1-firefly outfit

Do you all remember catching fireflies on young summer nights?  A glowing mason jar served as a torch in the early darkness at the end of a lazy day of sunshine.

A few summers ago our grandchildren experienced this delight at our cabin in the mountains of North Carolina.  It was especially exciting for them because lightning bugs are rarely seen in Florida, and never before seen by them. Continue reading

Sail Away, Baby Girl

beach baby outfit for 2 yo Vivian Rose.

beach baby outfit for 2 yo Vivian Rose.  The jumbo rick rack is really bright pink, almost the same color as the pink on the sails.  Oops–just noticed that unstitched section of the neck casing.  Thank goodness it’s an easy fix.


Summertime is beach time.  Our daughter and her family are 30 minutes from our home, staying at a friend’s oceanfront condo.  This little outfit was made for 2 yo granddaughter Vivian Rose to wear if her mother can ever get her out of her bathing suit and swimmies.

I’m generally happy with the finished product but it is not as I planned it.  Do you carefully plan your projects in great detail?  I just can’t get the hang of doing it like that.

My original plan was to make a quick beachwear set using this sweet Michael Miller fabric, Sail Away.  For the top I chose Children’s Corner Jane.  This is a favorite of mine because it is quick, easy to make, comfortable and cool for summer.

It did not go as planned.   As I changed my mind about one thing and another, but turned out to be not very quick and also offered some challenges.



Can you see the soft grey seagulls in the sky?

Can you see the soft grey seagulls in the sky?  And that rick  rack is NOT red!  It’s bright pink.

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Toddler Harvest Dress and Gingerbread Houses



This little top was made for toddler granddaughter Vivian Rose to wear to her brother’s kindergarten Thanksgiving program and then to Thanksgiving dinner.

It is another Children’s Corner Jane, my current go-to pattern, especially for garments which have a limited wearing season.  It is so quick and easy.

Jane patt

The cute little pocket is a free pattern creation of Children’s Corner designer Lezette Thomason.  The top will be paired with a pair of snug black or orange leggings.  These are still required for our little darling who can be counted on to release the velcro on her cloth diaper and remove it but for this wardrobe addition.  “Naked Baby” is her signature fashion statement.

It has been more than two weeks since a new Janice Ferguson Sews post has appeared, but not because I have done no sewing.  Enormous, terribly frustrating computer problems have plagued me as I struggled through two computers-my old one and then a defective new one.   This third one (second new) seems to be functioning well so now I am back to blogging.   Hurrah!


4gingerbread kidscr

Houses feature Golden Graham roof shingles, caramel chimneys and pillar posts, and two yellow landing lights on a roof.

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Halloween “Jane”

corn pump cr

“Candy Corn Cutie” design is from Embroidtique.

Children’s Corner Jane has got to be one of my all-time favorite patterns.  When it comes to play clothes or holidays with a short-wearing season, this is my go-to.

It is so quick and easy that I made two Jane tops for toddler granddaughter Vivian Rose.  Two!!!!

candy corn emb

Poor placement of text on fabric.  It would have been so much more readable if it had been embroidered on the almost white stripe.

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Elephant “Jane”


Children’s Corner “Jane” with elephant applique


This was made while spending a week at our mountain cabin.  With our daughter and her two children and all their activities, it was a busy time.  And yet, I managed to finish this Children’s Corner Jane for 18 month old Vivian Rose.


Jane patt

What a terrific pattern this is!  Fast as a New York minute, easy as pie and cute as a button.  How’s that for a lot of cliches?  But it’s all true.  This may be the perfect pattern for our 18 month old granddaughter Vivian Rose.

I love a pattern that is simple enough to alter easily for different looks.  For the size 2, the basic top required just 1/2  yd. of 60″ wide fabric.  On this gray gingham top, a lace edged ruffle was added over the regular elasticized sleeve.  An appliqued gray ultrasuede elephant adds textural interest.  The loose tail is a bias tube made from the ruffle sleeve pink fabric.  I hope she doesn’t pull it off. Continue reading