Mountain Getaway

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Vivian and Alastair enjoying the playground behind the Candy Barrel in Valle Crucis, NC. Vivi’s mop of curls has been cut to keep her cool during the hot summer. But she’ll be a curly top again in no time at all.  Vivian is wearing her firefly outfit.


North Carolina is my second favorite state. We’ve just returned from an absolutely wonderful week in the mountains with our two younger grandchildren and their parents.


Chap fam

Our Rebecca, Alastair, Vivian Rose and Harvey.  FYI, that is a lollipop/powdered sugar concoction in Vivi’s hand, not a pacifier.  They are sitting at the delivery door at the Candy Barrel. 


For 26 years we have returned to the beautiful High Country between Boone, Banner Elk and Blowing Rock.   Year after year, the mountains, the cabin and the activities are the same but the cast of characters has changed, as we and our children have…uh…”matured” and the grandchildren have come into our lives.



A visit to the Mast General Store in Valle Crucis is a mandatory event.  We have identical photos to the ones below featuring our own son and daughter when they were youngsters.  Now the next generation plays checkers


Alastair, 6, waiting for his grandfather to accept the challenge

Alastair, 6, waiting for his grandfather to accept the challenge


and drinks their first sodas on the Mast back porch swing.


Alastair is wearing his Pickachu shirt and Vivian Rose has on her 1st birthday dress which just now fits her (generously) at 2 1/2.

Alastair is wearing the Pikachu shirt I embroidered for him and Vivian Rose, 2 1/2 yo,  has on her 1st birthday dress which just now fits her quite generously. She has just learned to wink.


Last year a new activity was added.  The zip line at Hawksnest, which can be seen from the front deck of the cabin has tremendous appeal for young and old (though not for this oldster).   Alastair displayed his bravery zipping the line last year when he was 5 and couldn’t wait to repeat the thrill in his 6th summer.


A zips

The children watched fireflies from the back porch, but the terrain was too rocky for them to actually make a catch.  Alastair was thrilled with sighting more than 100 each night.  Of course, the accuracy of that count is in doubt.  In his excitement he counted 23, 24, 35, 46, 57, etc.  At 100 he said is was tired of the numbers.

We had chocolate cake one night to celebrate my birthday.  After everyone enjoyed a piece, Vivian Rose pulled a plate from the lower cabinet and came asking for more.


V plate

Vivian wearing her corduroy 2nd birthday dress with a long sleeve shirt and leggings. It was very cool.  That’s chocolate frosting on her face.


This year’s experience was different from those in the past.  We sold the cabin last fall so this time we came as renters, not owners.  We did NO work–no new curtains, no repairs, no trips to WalMart for paper goods and supplies  to last until our next visit.   It was wonderful.

If you are looking for a mountain getaway, check it out.   Cliffside Getaway

Wonderful as it was, I’m happy to be back home.  I’ll finish up those kitchen curtains and move on to a fun outfit for Vivian Rose.  I’m thinking about a Whimsy outfit.  But probably next in line will be a copy of this adorable dress made by Terry Collins.


Terry's dress

Terry Collins’ precious CC Lucy with Bit of Stitch embroidery.

It is a CC Lucy of blue baby cord embroidered with Bit of Stitch’s beach design.  It will be perfect for her family week at the beach.

So what are you sewing for summer?

6 responses to “Mountain Getaway

  1. I love seeing Vivian-Rose in all the things you have made her. What a cutie-pie! In fact, both the children are just adorable. I am so glad that you had the opportunity to spend the time with them at such a special place. Memories! Wonderful!

  2. Karen, thank you for being so indulgent of this smitten Nana. I hoped the links to previous posts would be enough to justify this as a sewing post! We had a fabulous time, which I suppose you can tell from the photos and my comments. Grandchildren are such an incredible blessing. I hope you are blessed with a few in years to come.

  3. from Shirley: About my summer sewing…..while browsing through some magazines in the local JoAnn’s store I came across the May/June issue of Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine. In it is an article featuring a little child’s jacket entitled “A pocketful of Patchwork” and I just fell in love with it. It features a machine embroidery design from Garden of Daisies and it is a Made in the Hoop design. I’m obsessed with making this cute little jacket! I also love the strawberry line of fabrics they used but so far i’ve been unsuccessful at finding what company produces it. If anyone has an idea, I’d be happy to hear it! At some point I think it would be neat to use some of the Disney designs from our Brother machines but that will be for another time. I’ll send you some pictures of what I have in mind.

  4. Shirley, I will have to check out that little jacket and the Garden of Daisies ITH designs. Thanks for another idea. You always do this to me!

  5. Love seeing Vivian in her nana-mades!!

  6. Thanks, Jo. The whole family is coming to the beach near us next week so I’ll get to see her and Alastair then. They are having a great summer. Hope you and yours are too.

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