Birthday Gift Pillowcases

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My ongoing, escalating computer troubles came to a head today when the machine just plain died, right there on my desk.  It didn’t make a final death groan, but I made some pretty loud sounds.  Until the replacement arrives, I am using my husband’s laptop.  It’s like walking to the corner in someone else’s shoes.  You can get there, but it is not comfortable.

While the computer was in its terminal stages, I’ve wanted to share these pillowcases with you.  They were a birthday gift for my precious daughter, made with love in every stitch.  Rebecca is an amazing young woman, an incredible mother and wife, and the daughter anyone would love to have.  She dreams big, so these big, silky, pima pillowcases against her pretty face should help facilitate those dreams.

Much as she likes bright colors, she requested neutral tones.  Since they moved into their new home 17 months ago the walls have changed colors three times.  So for her home dec style, neutral is good.

The fabric is pima broadcloth, white for the body and ivory for the turn tube hem.  A sturdy vintage lace trim was applied over the seam line. The shadow work leaves are from Suzanne Hinshaw’s Charming Embellishments collection and the monogram is from Embroidery Boutique’s  Fancy Monogram 1 set.

The colors look so washed out on this screen but I hope you have a prettier view. The designs are indeed subtle, as requested, but they do have some color.


1 pc up closexx


Since she was a child, our Rebecca has preferred pima cotton bed linens.  When she went to University of Florida, I custom-made a fitted and flat sheet to fit the non-standard size bed in her freshman dorm.  I love the fact that sewing allows me to grant her special requests.

Don’t you feel smug knowing that you can make things that cannot be bought?   I once made a cataract Halloween costume for a dear friend, a nurse in her opthamologist husband’s Eye Institute.  Just try buying a cataract costume on Amazon!  She wanted her husband to go as a laser beam but he refused.  I’m glad I didn’t have to tackle that project!

Have you stitched something out-of-the-ordinary for a loved one? I’d love to hear about it.

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