A Small Token of Appreciation

Icolin and our Lab Rastus who adores her.

Icolin and our Lab Rastus who adores her.


This is my Jamaican friend Icolin.  I love her and so does our Lab Rastus.  She does my housework and keeps my home as orderly as she can manage while dealing with my untidy habits.   I am so grateful that she frees me up for more time in the sewing room.

More than that, she is a loving, serene presence who goes about her business humming–EVEN when she is trying to make her way through my sewing room.  No mess is too much for her.  Dependable, hard working and sweet as pie, Icolin is a devout Christian woman.   She shares my troubles, lives the gospel and prays faithfully for my family and any friends in need.  Icolin is a genuine treasure.


I love this woman.

I love this woman.


I wanted to do something to show my appreciation, even something as small as embroidering this apron for her.  When I gave it to her, she flashed her beautiful smile and thanked me in her musical Jamaican accent.  She loved it. I could listen to her lilting, island-girl talk for hours.


The crown is from Zundt's Regal collection.

The crown is from Zundt’s Heraldry collection.


It made me happy to offer her this small  token of appreciation for her hard work and loyalty.  Now that I think about it, there are many others who deserve some tangible expression of my gratitude.  But Icolin is at the top of my list.

Have you made a “small token of appreciation” for someone special in your life?  I’d love to hear about it.

6 responses to “A Small Token of Appreciation

  1. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. I’m sure she appreciates it very much!

  2. She does love it, Cynthia, but never uses it. She will be taking it with her to Jamaica when she visits her family at Christmas. Maybe after showing it off she will use it.

  3. I agree, the apron is a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Hopefully she will eventually begin to wear it. I have aprons that I have embroidered and I love wearing them and then I just throw them in the wash and wear some more.

  4. Thanks, Betty. She leaves it hanging near the back door nest to her “work” aprons, but never covered by them. It was such a joy to see her happy grin when I gave it to her. Aprons are a great gift for any woman and it is so nice that we can personalize them with our embroidery machines.

  5. Shirley Boyken

    This reminded me of an apron I recently made for our Grandson’s step-sister for her 9th Birthday. She likes to cook and bake so I used a cupcake with her name underneath in a kind of “funky” font. It was so much fun to see her eyes light up when she opened her gift! You can never start them too young, I say.

  6. Shirley, what a fun gift for a 9 yo chef! That sounds adorable. Aside from the benefit of personalization, with an apron you don’t have to worry about the fit. Our 11 yo granddaughter embroidered an apron blank for one of her friends who likes to cook. That little girl was as pleased as the recipient of your gift. Isn’t it fun, Shirley?

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