For the Boys

He asked that his face not be included. That's a shame because he is so handsome. But I respect his privacy.

Grandson Robert, 10 yo, embroidered this fleece poncho on my Brother Dream Machine.


Shops, internet and sewing groups inundate us with beautiful and adorable projects for our girls.  Items for the boys appear far less frequently. Yet we want to shower them with the same love that is stitched into items made for our girls.

My friend Judy Day faithfully and thoughtfully includes something for her grandson in packages she sends with garments for her granddaughter. See one example in her Even Steven post.

When our delightful 10 yo grandson Robert spent the night recently, he spent a lot of time cuddled up on the couch, wrapped in a fleece throw.  March Madness was well underway, watched intently by Robert and his Granddad.

As Robert trekked into the kitchen for a drink refill, with his blanket dragging the floor and slipping off his shoulders,  Sonia Showalter’s poncho   came to mind.  That’s just what Robert needed!

He agreed it was a great idea and wanted to help.  The technology of my Dream Machine fascinates him and he always asks a lot of questions about its capabilities.  In my experience, kids love sewing machines.  Robert chose a dragon from the built-in designs.


R dream dragon


The throw was purchased on clearance somewhere a while ago.  I didn’t measure it, but size is not a big issue with this sort of garment.

When asked if he wanted to take his poncho home or leave it here, he said he would take it home and bring it with him when he visits us.  Maybe we’ll make a second one to keep here.

Robert is a big sports fan and  had attended a Stetson University baseball game with Granddad the night before.  It occurred to me that with a team logo or even a sports design, this would be a great accessory for cool weather sporting events.

Sonia’s machine embroidered poncho pattern pattern is also available in adult size.  My daughter and daughter-in-love might each enjoy one of these for cool days at the boys’ soccer and flag football games.

I was so glad to find a project that Robert liked, that Robert will use, and that Robert made mostly by himself.  And I was glad to have him all to myself for a while.

What projects have you made for your boys?

11 responses to “For the Boys

  1. from Martha Pullen forum: What a wonderful poncho. And a great idea. My 10 year old grandson will be visiting me in July. I must ask him if he would like to do one.

  2. from Martha Pullen forum: What a wonderful way to include the young men in our sewing! A second poncho for use strictly at “nana’s” house sounds perfect .

  3. from SewForum: Janice, I just love that you know how to pique the interest of your adorable grandchildren in SEWING and EMBROIDERY! This is certainly a wonderful project for that grandson. He must be so proud!

  4. from MArtha Pullen forum: Great idea, and I LOVE the dragon!

  5. from Martha Pullen forum: Very cool!! I love that you are keeping up the sewing tradition with your grands!!!

  6. from Martha Pullen forum: Love this idea, I have a couple of boys that might actually wear something like this. Mostly they hate embroidered things.

  7. from SewForum: Great project, I find it difficult to find things for boys so this is perfect. Love the dragon too!

  8. Terry Jane Collins

    Janice, I love this idea and wish I had seen it long ago. My big ol’ grandson Aidan is 13, but almost 6 feet tall. Don’t think he’d go for this. The last thing I made him was a double layer fleece throw in U of Arkansas fabric with the hog logo and his name on the back on the plain fabric. I used to embroider cute stuff like tee shirts and sweatshirts for him until he was about six. Then his sister came along and you know what happened there.

  9. Terry, your grandson is one big 13 yo! The Arkansas throw sounds like something any Hog fan would like. It will be a while before you get past sewing for that adorable little girl. But after that I bet you will find some things he will like or at least find useful.

  10. Hmm… my 11 yr old grandson might like this to take home to IL after he visits. (Go Hatters!)

  11. Cindy, I think he’d love it. With an embroidered a team logo or sports design any boy would like it. Go Hatters? Stetson Hatters? I googled Hatters and it looks like Stetson has the only Hatters. I got my Master’s degree there, we live just outside DeLand, and I grew up in Illinois! We’re practically related! Go Gators AND Hatters!

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