Penny for Vivi

Penny by Petite Poche (Wendy Schoen), size 3, is ready to be shipped to granddaughter Vivian.

Penny by Petite Poche (Wendy Schoen), size 3, is ready to be shipped to granddaughter Vivian.


This little summer dress is finally finished.  It’s progress was interrupted by a variety of issues, all outside the sewing room, but now  Penny  has been removed from my UFO list.


bodice back


I have always loved this pattern and finally got around to making it.


nNBst-CloKs-pdtFX-WSPennyI always favor projects with Madeira applique’ and to my eye the best feature is the bodice back.  But I doubt I could convince 3 yo granddaughter Vivian Rose to walk backwards to show it to best advantage.  Then again, she is usually on the run, so I guess the front and back have equal opportunity to be viewed.


bodice front

embroidery is from Custom Keepsakes


Liberty of London tana lawn was used for the Madeira borders which look so crisp against white Swiss pique’.  Whipstitch piping makes a nice trim with this print.  Actually, whipstitch piping is a nice trim for almost anything.  I love this stuff.


Madeira hem 2


I know my daughter will love this dress for her little daughter.  But will Vivi like it?  Her personal fashion statements are heavily influenced by My Little Kitty.


V rocking

This is how she rolls. Can’t you almost hear the music?


23 responses to “Penny for Vivi

  1. Adorable dress, I love Madeira appliqué as well. Hello Kitty is much better than Elmo, as my granddaughter was into Elmo big time at that age.

  2. Thank you, Cynthia. Elma would be a real challenge to a fan of classic sewing! I’ve Nana-sewn my way through The Wiggles, My Little Pony, Backyardigans, Pokemon and more. I guess I’ll be moving into My Little Kitty now….not exactly heirloom.

  3. from Martha Pullen forum: Hmmm … I think I might have that pattern, I’ll have to look around I guess. I am inspired by your creation! Anyway, lovely job and the lawn is perfect. I’m sure little miss Vivi will love it!

  4. from Martha Pullen forum: What a cute little girl! Don’t worry Grandmother…she will love your pretty dress.

  5. from Martha Pullen forum: So pretty! I have that pattern too…just love it!

  6. from Martha Pullen forum: The dress is stunning – Vivi is, too!

  7. from Martha Pullen forums: dress is beautiful and so is she.

  8. Doreen Robin

    Love the dress!! And your beautiful granddaughter will look gorgeous wearing it.
    Thankyou for sharing your creations.

  9. from Martha Pullen forum: Love it!! I don’t have that pattern, but perhaps I should!!

  10. from BrotherSews facebook: Beautiful dress! I’ve always loved this pattern but have never made it

  11. from Brother Sews facebook: So very pretty!

  12. from Martha Pullen forum: Oh Vivi is so cute. You did a great job with the Penny Shoen dress.
    I love the little Shruggy she is wearing. What pattern is that?

  13. Grandmom, thank you for the kind words. The shrug was purchased from Zulilly some time ago.

  14. from SewForum: Beautiful dress and your granddaughter is adorable!

  15. from BrotherSews facebook: Now, we need to see the dress modeled by your adorable 3 yo. She is a very blessed girl to have you for her grandmother. Thanks for sharing your love.

  16. from SewForum: Love it, I have that pattern too and have it on my to do list. Also have whipped piping in most colors waiting to be used. I got mine from Debbie Glen, do you have a favorite supplier for this?

  17. The Penny pattern goes together very nicely, though I cut my Madeira border in one length rather than seaming it at each side. Farmhouse Fabrics is my go-to site for all my on-line shopping so this whipstitch piping (and, like you, almost every other color!) was purchased there. That notion has become so popular. It’s wonderful to see all the new products that come down the line to enhance and embellish our sewing projects–and to have them so readily available.

  18. The Penny dress is divine, Janice! I may need to find that pattern.

    Hello Kitty is a tough one – once they declare their loyalty to that cat, it’s hard to get past it. Fortunately 7 year old Caitlin has declared she has enough Kitty stuff, so we are done with it. I’m pretty sure Caroline’s mother doesn’t even let her see anything to do with Kitty. There are a lot of cute Kitty embroidery designs out there if you need them though.

    The hat is a nice touch!

  19. Thanks, Terry. This is a great pattern. I saw one on another site (can’t recall, maybe Heirloom Sewing and Smocking) with the prettiest interpretation I have ever seen. It was all white with a tan solid trim and a matching satin sash at the waist. If I hadn’t had this one already almost done, I’d have tried to copy that one. But my daughter likes bright colors and the other dress was a larger size for a big girl. So perhaps it was not as appropriate for a 3 yo. It was just gorgeous.

    Hello Kitty is tough, though I do have that Brother card so it’s a starting point. Vivi is so fixated on Hello Kitty that for punishment (she is a WILD, willful child) her mother puts all the kitties in time-out, unavailable to Vivian. The child wails and throws herself to the floor crying real tears until time-out is over. Makes me shake my head and think poor Becca Sue (Vivi’s mother). BTW, Vivian’s hat and the entire ensemble was put together by Herself.

  20. from Martha Pullen forum: Cute dress and she is a DOLL!!!!

  21. She is a real cutie!

  22. Thanks, Sue. Drop me a note to let me know what you are up to. Miss you!

  23. from SewForum: Ha, ha, ha!!! That little doll is so beautiful and STYLISH!!! 8) I have always loved the Penny pattern of Wendy’s. But I’ve never purchased it or made it. The Liberty fabric you used for the Madeira hems makes me swoon, Janice!! What lovely, lovely work you do, my sweet friend. Maybe if I keep on keeping on I can approach your level of workmanship one of these days. 😉

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