Star Wars Party Favors


black tp front

The black and white bags were made from scraps, left over from this super hero cape.


Sometimes you can learn something that seems rather inconsequential at the time but, in fact, it turns out to be a pretty big deal.  That’s how Mary Lou Nall’s “inconsequential” teepee bag project became one of the most useful  sewing tidbits I have ever picked up.   I still have the bag I made in that class more than 30 years ago!


This grubby bag lives in my pleater box and holds my pleating supplies--screw driver, extra needles, small scissors, marking pen, etc. I guess I should wash it.

This grubby bag lives in my pleater box and holds my pleating supplies–screw driver, extra needles, small scissors, marking pen,needle threader, etc. Apparently, it’s long overdue for laundering.  I guess I should wash it.


I’ve raved about this before, but I’m compelled to it up again, since I’ve just made 38 more as party favors for grandson Alastair’s 7th birthday.


38 Star Wars bags for party favors

38 Star Wars bags for party favors.  Zipper and ribbon color is varied which makes it a little easier for children to identify their own personal bag.


Sometimes I wonder just how many I have made in these 30 years, but the number must be in the hundreds.

All 38 bags were made from scraps, leftover from other Star Wars projects.  I keep a hefty supply of ribbon and zippers on hand in all colors and sizes so I have all the supplies at the ready.  And that’s a good thing, since Rebecca and I decided Thurs. afternoon that these would be good for Saturday’s party.


star wars tp blue front

Scraps from a Star Wars pillow and lampshade were used for the blue bags.


The children loved them.  Of course, they were filled with some treats, but the bags were kept close even as the kids climbed on the playground equipment.

jungle bars bagXX

Even on top of the bars, this youngster clutched his bag.


No child wanted to put his down.


climber bagXX2

holding tight to his Star Wars teepee bag


A big time was had by all.  90 cupcakes and drinks were just what Alastair and his guests needed after their vigorous workouts on the playground.


Alastair's red face matches his red shirt.

Alastair’s red face matches his red shirt.  Choosing just the right cupcake was a serious decision–which color frosting, which color m&m, which had the most frosting, etc.  My sweet, thoughtful Rebecca, Alastair’s mama, even made a gluten–free cake so one child could join in the celebration.


Vivian Rose saw the cake simply as a carrier for the frosting.


V eats frosting XX


The teepee bag pattern is so versatile.  Enlarged, it was a children’s sewing class project that introduced junior sewists to quilting with a small project.


A 10 x 20 " piece strip quilted made this bag.

A 10 x 20 ” piece strip quilted made this bag.


At a market, Lezette (need I say Thomason?) had these little bunny pincushions made of Liberty scraps.  The design is the same, but the pincushion is stitched closed instead of zippered.

bunny pincushion


Once, at a sewing store where I was teaching, a small Christmas tree was on the counter with itty bitty tp bags hanging from it.  When machine feet were purchased, usually by a husband for his wife, the foot was put into the bag as a wrapping and then hung on the tree at home.

When attending a sewing machine class, I pack the small supplies such as feet, fray block, snips, threads and other notions  in  this bag.


sewing tpxx


It takes about 10 minutes to make a plain bag.

Check out this simple pattern and whip up a handy little bag.  If you’ve ever made one, I’d like to hear about it or see a picture.



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