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free applique’ design 9 3/4, the train platform where students board the Hogwarts Express.  Request the designs by leaving a comment at the end of this post.


Our daughter and her family recently spent the day at Universal Studio’s Harry Potter World in Orlando.  What a grand time they had!


“I don’t want to share with my sister.” “Ok, Daddy can drink it.” “I want to share with my sister.”


It’s no surprise that Alastair would be so smitten with Harry Potter.  Both of his parents are rabid readers and great fans of the books and movies.   Before Alastair, their first child, was born they asked me to sew a Harry Potter themed nursery for him.

The Harry Potter  books have had such a great impact on 2nd grader Alastair, 8.  Before he began the Harry series, he was a good reader but he did not enjoy it.  Every night as he sat down to read for the required 20 minutes, he dreaded it.  Once he began reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, he couldn’t wait for reading time, finishing hoework and chores quickly to have extra time.  He read on the school bus, at the orthodontist office, and at every possible opportunity.

He even reads to his beloved NanNan when he visits her.  Of course, his wand is at hand.


Alastair and his beloved NanNan


His reading comprehension, speed,  vocabulary,  and spelling skills have sky rocketed.  He is just finishing book 6 and can’t wait to move on to book 7.

At Universal, Alastair bought his very own Hogwarts robe.  Just where he plans to wear it outside Harry Potter World I can’t guess.  But he loves it.


He spent all of his allowance, Christmas and birthday money on his own robe.


When he saw the prices of other items, he announced that his Nana could make them for him–for free!!!  And I did.


The sleeve text will be included with the free 9 3/4 design.


Of course, 4 yo Vivian Rose follows big brother’s lead with his every interest.  So they both have requested HP shirts.


Vivian delighted with the wonders of HP World


Vivi, you might have read, is more than a little fixated on cats.


Vivian Rose, 4, with the book she chose at the book fair


Because she doesn’t really know the story of Harry Potter, I knew she would just enjoy another cat shirt.


Crookshanks eyeing Scabbers the rat, hiding in the pocket


This is fun to do.  But when the request for shirts came in, I had on hand only one blank tee shirt in each child’s size.  My first thought was to simply remove the pocket, but I rethought that.

First, I found just the right cat on the old  Brother card  #16, Dogs and Cats.  Trust me, these old embroidery cards and collections are treasures!

Then I removed the tiny pocket and searched my design library for a mouse or rat (no luck with rats– just as well).  The mouse was extracted from another oldie but goodie–Bernina’s Current Critters Continued collection..  In order to make the mouse fit inside the pocket, I had to reduce the size, edit out the tail and rotate it considerably, but it worked.  I knew it would be important to Vivi to be able to look in the pocket and see the entire mouse, not just his head.


Crookshanks is always after Scabbers


You can see that this was done in a rush.  Because I reduced the size of the mouse, I used 50 wt. thread instead of standard 40 wt.  That was a mistake as the coverage is inadequate.  This could have been prevented with dry cover up, but I wanted to get these in the mail ASAP.

And then oonce again, I asked myself, how good is good enough?  I’m pretty sure this is good enough for its purpose.

After these were dropped in the mail, I purchased a stack of blanks for each child.  So there are more to come.   My true love is smocking and heirloom, but I really enjoy embroidering blanks to please my precious two younger grands.

What are you sewing?  What is your favorite kind of sewing?


37 responses to “Free Harry Potter Design

  1. Super cute. Right now my sewing machine sits idle as we prepare to move in 2 weeks. Then I will need to sew drapes…one of my least favorite items to make.

  2. Heidi, moving is so stressful! Being too busy to sew and then having a must-do rather than a want-to project at the top of the list is disheartening. Your reward will come when the drapes are hung and look so nice. I hope the move will go well and that you will be happy in your new home.

  3. Chris Nagle

    I would love that HP design please Janice. My grandsons are into the HP books. They will know what this is, but I needed to read your explanation!
    Thank you! Read your blog regularly and am amazed how quickly Alastair and Vivi have grown.

  4. Noreen Casson

    Adorable shirts – I’m sure the kids are thrilled. I’d enjoy making a similar shirt for my 6 year old grandson – and you are right, then his 4 year old sister will want one too! Thank you for the offer of these cute designs.


  5. from Martha Pullen forum: Perfect design! Cute kids!

  6. Chris, it’s nice to know that your grandson is also an HP fan. I think for many children, the HP books have caused many children to love reading. Kids who love to read have a real advantage in education. Thanks for writing and for reading my blog. I’ll send your designs right now.

  7. Grammie, I’m happy to share these designs with you–so you can share them with your grandchildren. Don’t you just love making something special for them? The designs have been sent. Happy stitching!

  8. Diana Crawford

    I have 2 great nephews and 1 great niece that will be going through that phase soon. I had to laugh out load at Alastair’s remark of “free”!
    I just finished a denim jacket with a peacock design. I am glad it is done. I had “fits” with it!

  9. Shirley Calgary

    I love the Harry Potter designs – and it is so cool when kids find something that they love that propels them to reading and reading leads to spelling and maybe even the kid looking up the meaning oh wait that would be me have to know every darn word and its meaning as a kid… I would have gone nuts with a computer…

  10. Diana, the designs have been sent in anticipation of your nephew and niece’s likely interest in HP. What a GREAT great aunt you are!

  11. Janice,
    My grandchildren went to Harry Potter world for their Spring break a few weeks ago and my grandson was chosen to participate in the wand experience in Olivander’s Wand Shop. I think they consumed a lot of Butterbeer during the week . I would greatly appreciate the design for my Brother 750D.

  12. Luzenia, our Alastair was chosen for the same experience at the Wand Shop! He was sooo thrilled. And of course, there was a lot of celebratory butterbeer drinking! What fun! I will send the designs out now. Thanks for sharing your grandson’s experience. P.S. A good friend of mine recently purchased a 750D and is so pleased with it. She moved up to this machine for the 5×7 hoop and computer connectivity. I hope you enjoy yours as much.

  13. Janice , Thank you so much for the design. Yes, I love my 750 but I have not used the computer connectivity as of yet. I upgraded from my 270D for the 5×7 hoop and that I could still use my design cards that I spent so much on. I have made several privacy curtains for my granddaughter to change behind at dance competitions since they often change costumes in a hallway and used the 750 to do dance shoe appliques on the curtain as well as monograms on the curtains.

  14. B Mitchell

    Oh, yes. Please send me those Harry Potter designs. I love that you knew the mouse would have to have an entire body, even if the head was peaking out of the pocket.

  15. I’m so glad you appreciate that the entire mouse/rat body is in the pocket. 4 yo Vivian Rose. who LOVES cats, was so excited when she said, “Nana, it’s a Harry Potter cat!!! And he is after that rrrraaaat!!!!” Sure enough, she had pulled the pocket open to see that the “raaat!!” was there intact. The designs have been sent. Happy stitching!

  16. I would really love the designs. I have two grandsons that love HP. I think they would be cute pj tops for them if I can find some fabric to make some bottoms. The grandchildren are as cute as can be. If only he had realized his grandmother could have made the robe in a flash. Ha. We all have splurges that we need to indulge at times even the kids.

  17. Mari, the designs have been sent. I hope your grandsons like them as much as our boy did. Happy stitching!

  18. Sarah L McKInney

    I would love the design,

  19. Sarah, the designs have been sent. I hope you enjoy stitching them.

  20. Hettie Lynn

    Janice, what fun! My grandsons love HP. I love your shirt design and how you added the design on the sleeve. I would like the design. Thanks so much for sharing!

  21. Hettie Lynn, the designs have been sent so you can get started on HP items for your beloved grandboys! I hope they love them as much as Alastair does.

  22. We have a house full of H.P. fans and would love to be able to wear our own 9 3/4 shirts. Thanks for sharing this design!

  23. Sharon, what fun! The designs have been sent so you can get started right now.

  24. My niece is expecting her first baby and is a big HP fan. I would love to put this on a bib or onesie.

  25. Maria, the designs have been sent. Have fun stitching these fast, simple HP designs.

  26. Nicola Harper

    I would very much like these designs, please. They are perfect for a great HP fan aged 10 that I know.

  27. Nicola, the designs have been sent. I hope you HP fan likes this. Don’t you love making something for a special someone that almost no one else has?

  28. i would love to have this design . i would love to out this on my daughters graduation preset. thank you so much for your kindness

  29. Vicky, the HP designs have been sent. Congratulations to your granddaughter on her graduation. I doubt she will need to find platform 9 3/4 to get where she wants to go. Happy stitching.

  30. Jessica Michel

    I love it!!!

  31. Jessica, I’m so glad this caught your eye. The design has been sent so you can start embroidering any time. Happy stitching!

  32. Bärbel Bergermann

    Hi Janice
    My doughter loves Harry Potter.
    I would like to stich a sweater for her with your free 9 3/4 design
    and the sleeve text. I look forward you send it to me.
    In love of your designs
    Bärbel Bergermann from Germany

  33. Barbel, the designs have been sent. I hope your daughter enjoys her sweater. Happy embroidering!

  34. Hi Janice, my granddaughter loves Harry Potter, she has read every book & has seen all the movies many many times. I am making her a quilt for her birthday and would love to add your lovely design to complete it.

  35. Vicki, the designs have been sent. I hope you enjoy stitching these on your granddaughter’s quilt. I know she will love your gift.

  36. Sharon Wilson

    Hi! I am working on my great grandson’s quilt who is due very soon, and would very much appreciate your design for harry potter if you are still offering this. Thanks very much!

  37. Sharon, the designs have been sent. I know you will have so much fun making this quilt for your new great grandson. Congratulations on this new bundle of joy and happy sewing!

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