Style Conflicts

CC Charlotte top and Parker Pants shorts–she likes it!!!!  I love the Confederate jasmine in bloom.  The scent is heavenly.


I doubt I’m the only Nana who has issues with what I want to sew and what a child wants to wear. My passion for sewing for my grandchildren and the fashion preferences of 4 yo Vivian have been at odds more and more frequently as she grows.  Even at a very early age she had strong preferences for her outer wear.  As you can tell from the name of my blog, I am an old fashioned Nana.  Vivi is a modern child, 2 generations removed.


enjoying Butterbeer at Harry Potter World

This bunny play set was begun with hopes that she would wear it to a lovely Saturday morning Easter egg hunt at the home of a church member.  With enough Cadbury eggs and jelly beans, I hoped to be able to convince her to don this outfit.

But as Friday night wore on into early Saturday morning and Charlotte still needed buttons and buttonholes, I conceded that Vivian would be appropriately dressed in her Penny, by Petite Poche.  At least bribery would not be needed.  Penny is one of the few garments I have made her which received the Vivian Rose stamp of approval.


Vivian Rose in Swiss pique and Liberty print Penny from Petite Poche.


And yet, when it was time to dress, she latched on to this unfinished outfit and said she wanted to wear that!  Sigh…

It was finished after Easter, after she and her family went home.   Oh well, bunnies are good for any season in Florida.  It’s in the mail to her now.

As a child, Vivi’s mother loved wearing smocked and heirloom clothes. Once, she  wanted to wear an especially lovely, lacy hand embroidered heirloom dress to a birthday party at Chucky Cheese.  I vetoed that.   But Vivian is of a different mind set.


Where could she be going? The picture came to me with no caption.


I have no idea where she was headed, though it looks like she’s off to a ballet class on the moon.  Or a tea party with the Queen of Hearts.  This little gal is adorable in whatever she wears. Such style–it looks like ear muffs, several hair bows,  bouncy ball, a backpack of et cetera and lunch.

She choose an eclectic look for Grandparents’ Day at her preschool–ruffed dress, navy novelty socks and her fast running shoes.


Vivi running to her beloved NanNan


Vivi’s style


Nana’s style–she ran around barefoot all afternoon, playing with the puppies and the cats, but kept the dress relatively clean and intact.


So my goal is to make more contemporary clothing for her but with a little classic styling.  This will be a challenge.

And that’s why I love Children’s Corner’s Charlotte pattern and all their others.  They can be interpreted so many ways, but still have a classic style.


It was just the look I wanted for the pique bunny fabric paired with deep rose gingham.   Some time ago I had used Charlotte  pattern for this back-to-school outfit.



I’m going through my patterns and fabrics trying to design  a compromise as I  continue my quest to make garments that please both of us.  I am happy that she is such an independent thinker, not swayed by public or peer opinions.  That will put her in good stead as she grows older.

But surely I am not the only one with this style dilemma.  I’d love to hear from readers who have dealt with this same problem.


This just came in from her mother.

Vivi learning about gymnastics chalk from her friend from Zumba class, Frankie. They played together all afternoon. When talking about gymnastics at dinner, her mother told  brother Alastair that Vivi was dazzled by Frankie. Vivian explained that no, she wasn’t dazzled. She said it was love.



8 responses to “Style Conflicts

  1. Shirley Clark

    I feel your pain! However, my daughter love the smocked and boutique style clothes for my granddaughter so I think that made it a little easier. She didn’t give Shelby a choice when it was time to “go places”. She did give a choice when she went to daycare. She got away with that for a long time.
    When she started school, she wore uniforms, so it was fairly easy to still keep her wearing cute stuff to events and things.
    Then Shelby started noticing her friends wearing the stuff most of us that sew cringe over when we see them on young kids. Her mama let her buy a few things, but the funny thing was that she really didn’t choose to wear them as much as we thought she would.
    She just turned 10 so I seldom sew for her, but she does have good taste in picking out dresses for church and other events. The biggest problem is that she wants to wear flip flops for everything – she picks out what she calls “dressy flip flops”!
    I love the bunny outfit! It’s just adorable. We now have a new great-granddaughter, and I will make her a few things, but I doubt it will be worn like the things I made for Shelby. Younger generation!

  2. Shirley, you have been very lucky. My older granddaughter, 13, was happy with whatever I made her until she was over 10. From about 8 years on it was mostly church clothes but we both loved her wearing them. This little Vivi is a whole other story. Her mother always wore classic clothes and loves almost everything I make for little girl. Like your granddaughter, Vivi usually chooses what she wears to preschool and her mother wrestles her into more classic things for occasions. I hope the crazy picture shows her headed to the back porch for a private style show for her stuffed kitties.

  3. My granddaughter is 14 months, so too young to have style choices. (Food is a different matter!) I just cut out a pile of clothes for her, including a Charlotte top. I have to get sewing – quickly – lest the poor child has nothing to wear when warm weather finally kicks in. I appreciate all the outfits you showcase on your blog using CC patterns; I bought Frannie and Charlotte after I saw them here! I do hope my granddaughter lets me sew for her for many years, but only time will tell!

  4. Ginny, I hope she is like Shirley’s granddaughter Shelby and wears what you make until she is 10. But sew like crazy now because 1. it is just so much fun and 2. you never know when she will balk at what you make. I’m so pleased to have motivated you to buy those CC patterns. I love them all and I’m sure you will too. Thanks for your kind comments and for reading my blog.

  5. Suzanne Farris

    One granddaughter started choosing her own clothes at eighteen months. I just thought my daughter wasn’t being firm enough with her until I tried to dress her one day! Luckily, my daughter let her make her own fashion faux pas, and now at thirteen, she has her own style.
    Her four-year old sister loves to wear “all the beautiful dresses Suzi makes for me!” I hope it lasts for a while, at least.

  6. oh, Suzanne, just like you, “I just thought my daughter wasn’t being firm enough with her until I tried to dress her one day!” Some children have such strong opinions at such a young age! I have two hopes to share with you: 1. that Vivi will develop her own tasteful style and 2. that for many more years, your 4 yo granddaughter will continue to love all the beautiful dresses Suzi makes for her. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Shirley Boyken

    I just have to join in this conversation and share my experience with a little friend of mine who is a real “Fashionista”! In fact it seems like she wasn’t a baby very long before her preferences in clothing was very evident. My favorite story about her is the day her father took her to a Target store to buy her a toy. She was 2 yrs old and as they were looking over the selection of dolls, etc. she loudly exclaimed…..”but I don’t want a doll, I want SHOES!” And that pretty well sums up her total interests……clothes AND shoes!! She just had her 5th Birthday and nothing has changed and I doubt that it ever will.

  8. Shirley, I’m hearing of more and more little girls like this opinionated little gal. This is reassuring to me, as I thought Vivian Rose was a fashionista aberration. But shoes over a toy???? At age 2??? It may be a good thing that Vivi, Suzanne’s granddaughter and another Shirley’s Shelby don’t live in the same neighborhood. They would be playing fashion shows instead of house. Thanks for identifying one more of these special style-wise darlings.

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