Bicycle Bag

The bike bag is a perfect match to my granddaughter’s bike. What a lucky coincidence! Detailed instructions are available here.


For that special biker (your child, your grand, your mother, yourself?) who has everything, how about a pretty quilted bike bag.

This was a fun project, made for Brother’s blog, Stitching Sewcial, in celebration of National Bike Month.   Detailed photo instructions are included in the tutorial post.

I’ve loved this design since it was first included on a Brother card, EDB LG1.  Now it is available as a single design at  for 5×7 frames.



The scenic design has white negative space, which would have made the stitching disappear into the fabric print.  So the file was converted to an applique’ and stitched on sky blue pique’.  The blog post gives directions for converting this and other framed designs to  applique’.

My husband used to take the children long bike hikes.

But not this long!


One of their favorite destinations was Hontoon Island State Park, 15 miles from home.  They would relax there at a little snack bar overlooking the St.John’s River and enjoy a cold drink.



Then they would call me to pick them up.  After the first seven miles, I’m sure they would have loved to reach into a bag like this for a bottle of water to quench their thirst.

This project is unique in that it is gender neutral and age appropriate for anyone who rides a bike.

Did you know May 18th is officially Ride your Bike to Work Day?  Please tell us about it if you do.

Happy Bike Month!

NOTE:  I am required to let you know that I am a paid sewing consultant for Brother.



8 responses to “Bicycle Bag

  1. I really like the idea of the bike bag. It is so practical. And as always your choice of colors is superb.It adds a touch of class to the activity. Keep on creating!

  2. Rebecca, I’m glad you like the bike bag. The color choice was serendipity–I had that neat bike print and coordinated it with the trim I had on hand. When I went to look for a bike to hang it for a photo, my dear husband brought out one of the grandchildren’s bikes from the garage. It was a perfect match! Wish I could say I planned it, but no.

  3. from M Pullen forum:
    That is quite the beautiful bike bag! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a pretty one and the embroidery design is just perfect. So sweet. I always love reading the stories that go with your projects. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That design really is lovely, isn’t it! I knew it was what I wanted for the bike bag. Thanks for your kind words and for enjoying the personal stories that go with my projects.

  5. from MP forum: What a fun project, cute and useful too. Love the fabric, design, and oh that bias trim! What a great compliment to make it more feminine, I’m a real fan of mixing styles like that.

  6. Thanks! I am rarely much pleased with my finished projects but the fabric and trims on this one really came together. But the way it matched the bike was a happy serendipity. Thanks for your detailed comment.

  7. I love this! I love riding my bike. I used to ride my bike with child-pull-along trailer to take my youngest to preschool. Then I would continue on downtown to pick up/drop off my monogramming work from the shops I worked for. I think I need to make this bag for my bike (named snow white!)
    Thank you for a great post!

  8. Terri, this bag would look great on Snow White! I’m glad it brought you sweet memories–towing your children to preschool, shopping and dropping. You’re a real biker gal!

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