Great On-line Class with MaggieB!

This is the first Ode to Joy Border Tunic  I made working through an on-line class offerred  by Maggie Bunch.  It is a fabulous class for everyone from  beginners to experienced smockers.  Maggie takes you from border print fabric selection, to pleating, to construction and smocking.  But she throws in so many little informational gems and tips.  I learned so much.  You may provide your own fabric or she offers some darling kits.  She will even pleat for you if you like.

This class is a bargain at $30.  Maggie practically holds your hand through the whole process and answers any questions promptly.  To the best of my knowledge, this is just the second time in the last 12 months that it has been offered on-line. She did teach it at that great sewing event, Sewing at the Beach.

Maggie said on-line.This is an online sewing and smocking lesson, held in a private group, here on FB. The fee for the lesson is $30.00. Kits are optional. You can sew from your stash! I post a lesson a day for about 2 weeks. The Group stays open for about 8 weeks after the lesson is complete for you to sew at your own pace. Sizes are 1/2 3/4 5/6 and 7/8


The first time round, I didn’t print out the instructions and files.   So when I made my second dress, a lot of mistakes were made.  Note the sloppy neck binding.



So I am repeating the class and you can be sure that I will keep notes and files.  Now you, too,  can take this class!  The pattern is not available for sale, just as part of the class.


Ode to Joy Smocking Group is taking members. This Group is an online smocking class, lead by me, for the play top using quilting cottons or border prints.
This is a work at your own pace lesson. The lessons will be posted one a day for about two weeks starting June 1. Join now so you have time to get the list and order your supplies.
The fee $30.00 includes membership in the Group and all lessons from fabric choice to smocking to hem.
Please private message me your PayPal information for the lesson. Registration will close May 18.

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Through the years, several readers have commented on my smocked garments, saying they wish they knew how to smock.  Few live within easy driving distance of classes so this is a great option.
Other than wanting to learn more, I have no vested interested in this class.  I just want to share a great learning opportunity with you all.

8 responses to “Great On-line Class with MaggieB!

  1. from M Pullen forum: Beautiful dress, I’d like to take a class from Maggie B someday, she’s so talented.

  2. She is talented in both design and teaching. Recently, she offered an on-line bishop class and teaches in various venues across the country, including highly acclaimed Sewing at the Beach in Myrtle Beach. I hope you get a chance to take one of her classes.

  3. from MP Forum: Janice, I don’t have anyone to smock for these days or I’d take the class. Thanks for sharing the info!

    Your dress is sooooo beautiful. You always seem to pick the coolest fabrics and combinations! I think you
    should teach a class on that : )

  4. Linda, thanks for your kind remarks. My fabric choice was inspired by an identical dress that one of her Ode to Joy class students posted on-line. She had been in Maggie first Ode to Joy class. II purchased the fabric that day from and signed up for the next class. So I can take no credit for this great fabric combo. But I absolutely love it. I’m glad you do to.

  5. Kathy Capps

    I can’t figure out how to sign up for this class. Can you help?

  6. Kathy write to maggiebsmocks@gmail. Hurry. She’s ready to close the class.

  7. Would line to join online group

  8. Jane, I forwarded your message to Maggie, but at this time she has no on-line classes posted. She is busy teaching around the country, soon at Sewing at the Beach, if there is anything left of Myrtle Beach after Hurricane Florence. If she does offer another class on-line, I’ll be sure to post that info. Her classes are great.

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