FREE Heirloom Baby Dress Sew-Along

Heirloom Baby Gown Sew-Along presented by Brother International Corporation


Classic Sewing Magazine  is offering a FREE Sew-Along.  I made this sweet little dress/daygown for Brother’s submission to the magazine and it is being offered to you. The instructions have been broken into 4 lessons.

Written for beginners, it also includes tips and suggestions that might be useful for experienced heirloom sewists.  Techniques such as lace insertion, lace shaping, pin stitch, joining gathered lace, etc. are included.

The first two lessons have been posted so go sign up!  You must be signed up to get notification of the next lessons.

I do hope you will join us.  Just click on the link in  the opening photo and you will be taken to the site to sign up.  The sleeves on this pattern (Simplicity 8024) are just precious.

Let’s sew along!



8 responses to “FREE Heirloom Baby Dress Sew-Along

  1. Neva N. Christensen

    I am certain it has been a lot planning and effort on your part. Certainly Brother and Classic Sewing Magazine will benefit from this, though they are offering it free to the public. From myself and countless others, thank you for doing this.

  2. Oh, Neva, you are so kind! This was a pleasure to do and I am so excited about those subscribers who are new to heirloom. I have received and read several comments from ladies (and on gentleman) saying that they have wanted to learn about heirloom but a. have no classes in their area, b. are too busy to go to a class, or c. too tied up now but will print the lessons and learn when they are free. I like to think I am helping to spread the joy of sewing heirloom. Thank you for your comment, Neva.

  3. Nancy Hoeman

    I’m just begging to experiment with heirloom techniques. Does one need to have a Brother machine to participate? The dress is exquisite and now I have a sweet baby girl (and baby boy) to sew for! Thank you for sharing your expertise, Janice.

  4. Nancy Hoeman

    That should have read”just beginning!” I started a project today that I’d like to try pin-stitching on.

  5. Nancy, congratulations on having those two sweet babies to sew for! I’m so happy that you are venturing into the wonderful world of heirloom and this sew-along might be very helpful. No, you do not needa Brother machine to participate. The detailed machine settings are for Brother machines, but this is easily translated into whatever stitches you have on your machine. I suggest that you read my blogs on pinstitching. The first one gives basic info and will help you find the pinstitch on your machine. The second gets into how-to. I hope you will join in this sew-along. Let me know about your progress!

  6. Rheeta Booth

    Truly a creation of love! It is so precious. Your creativity really knows no bounds.

  7. Thanks, Rheeta. There was a lot of love put into this but all that prayer while sewing caused a lot of mistakes! I assumed the seam allowance was 1/4″, but it was 3/8″. With two side seams and the two fronts, that extra 1/8″ added up to an extra inch, quite a lot on this tiny garment! I need to read directions more carefully.

  8. Thank you, Rheeta. Heirloom sewing is a great platform for creativity. The “blank canvas” of the dress offers unlimited possibilities.

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