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Free Authentic American Girls Patterns!

Back in the ’80’s  Pleasant Company offered pattern packages for their historical doll wardrobes.  Of course, the first dolls were all historical~Civil War era Addy, colonial girl Felicity, Minnesota prairie girl Kirsten, Victorian era Samantha, WW II Molly and 1824 New Mexican Josephina.   Each American Girl had a package with patterns specific to her period and culture.

At the time, the $18 cost for each set of patterns seemed pricey.  But the detailed patterns made it possible to authentically duplicate the original costumes, accessories, and available extra outfits for each doll.  So they were popular with mamas, nanas and aunties who were eager to please a child.


Molly in jumper which is a reverse match of Laurel’s. We’ve ordered a tee shirt for her to wear under this.

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