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Summer Picnic Dress

Originally plain white with drawn thread work at the hemline, this versatile dress from All About Blanks can become something very special. Adding a shirt makes it suitable for chilly, windy kite-flying days.


This “blank” linen/cotton blend dress from All About Blanks is, indeed, a blank canvas awaiting embellishment. With embroidery, ribbon and topstitching, it steps out from “blank” into the realm of special.

Its patriotic kite and images of sunshine and water seem to broadcast and celebrate the joys of summer.  For a picnic, family  reunion or any such occasion, a little girl would be the center of attention.

The embroidery design is from Brother’s embroidery site, ibroidery.com.  It is so sweet and versatile, capturing the magic of childhood summers.


Brother’s ibroidery.com design BIC-MTGSAS008

Another little touch was swapping out the white utility buttons with  eye catching red ones.



A complete tutorial post for this project is at Brother’s blog Stitching Sewcial.

*Required disclaimer:  I am a paid sewing consultant for Brother.



Jungle Book Cot Sheet



During my lengthy absence from this blog, I did get some sewing done.  This cot sheet is a fun little project.  It can be plain or fancy, utilitarian or heavily embroidered as is this one.

First, I have to be up front with you all–my name is Janice and  I am a textile snob.  My linen closet has nothing but pima cotton sheets.  My master, guest and children’s beds have always been made up with silky pima cotton.

Many years ago, there was a brief and almost sleepless few days when my 8 yo son slept on stiff and scratchy Garfield sheets.  They were a gift for which he had begged his grandmother.  After a week, he wanted his old sheets back.  “They just don’t feel good, Mama.”  From the mouths of babes–raised on pima.

Before she even moved into her freshman dorm at University of Florida, my daughter begged me to custom make two sets of pima cotton sheets for the odd sized mattress.  She was like the Princess and the Pea.  “Mama, I won’t be able to sleep on anything else!”

So what does this have to do with Disney’s Jungle Book themed cot sheet shown above? Continue reading

BIG News!

ME news


Dear Readers,

I am so excited to share my big news with you— I have been invited to be a member of Brother’s new  Stitching Sewcial   blogger team.  Humbly, I join several expert celebrity sewists who have packed the blog with inspirational projects, tutorials and videos on topics from quilting, serging, sewing, embroidery, and more! On this site, I am in some pretty esteemed company!

Two of my projects are posted now, the first of which is the Ariel sleeping bag for 18″ dolls such as American Girl.  This would be a very popular accessory for youngsters who want comfort and style for their dolls.


Do you recognize my granddaughter's Kit wearing her smocked lace tape nightie?

Do you recognize my granddaughter’s Kit wearing Mollie’s Lace Tape Nightie?  Ariel’s name is embroidered on the pillow under Kit’s head.


The second project is a Zootopia themed knapsack.  It was such fun to read and familiarize myself with the movie. I needed to know something about this Disney cartoon delight to stitch.  Before the movie was released and after some research, I came up with a handy bag for the junior crime-stopping deputies of Zootopia’s police department.

The designs for each project are available at iBroidery.com.

These Stitching Sewcial assignments are helping me keep up with the grandchildren and what they are chattering about.  Do you know who Judy Fox is?  Officer Clawhauser? Chief Bogo?  Look them up.  The children will respect your in-the-moment savvy.  They will LOVE you if you make this knapsack for them.

Image #15 close--both ribbons through grommets


Each month another of my posts,  complete with a detailed tutorial, will appear as the machine embroidery post.  Working up projects and tutorials for Stitching Sewcial has keep me pretty busy for the last few months.  And I have loved every minute working on these Disney-themed assignments.

Please take a look at this new sewing venture.  If you have a moment and are so inclined I would reeeeeally appreciate any comments posted to Stitching Sewcial.