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Christmas Pillow–not ME

no embroidery machine needed!

no embroidery machine needed!


It’s not too late to whip up a holiday pillow.  Brother asked me to design a simple Christmas project that did not require an embroidery machine and this is what was created.    A dishtowel with a decorative hem is  teamed up with a bevy of buttons to create a whimsical Christmas tree pillow. It’s a quick and easy way to add a fresh look to your holiday décor and have fun doing it.

The template is at the end of this post, but you could just as easily draw your own.  If you download the .jpg and print it, you can resize as needed. Continue reading



V store bought smocked close

Available from CiaoBebeBoutique    Now I see that it is offered in pink and with sleeves.


I did not make this dress.  It was ordered from CiaoBebeBoutique and I love it. When I saw it posted on Pinterest, I found it to be irresistible.

c9785395487876a52079168a280d37f4 Continue reading

Little Lamb Daygown

Alastair's Lambs

This is NOT a modern project for an old fashioned Nana.  It is as  traditional and old fashioned as it can be, made of 100% cotton Swiss pique and hand embroidered with enough French knot sheep to fill an Irish hillside. But I loved making it and love seeing him in it.

This design is from Wendy Schoen’s  book, Embroidery for Boys.  From the moment I laid eyes on “Counting Sheep”  when the book was first released about 15 years ago, I knew I had to make it.  Finally, Alastair, the baby boy of our dreams,  wears the gown of my dreams. Continue reading