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Free Happy Face Pencil Toppers

My turn to present the Children’s Message at church came this week just in time for back-to-school.

The children range in age from 4-10 so the message needed to be catchy to get their attention and brief enough to keep that attention.  Additionally, there must be a meaningful message.

This bag and fabric was a gift to me from the Ghana mission team in thanks for the garments our sewing group made. The bright colors certainly caught the children’s attention.

With a large, colorful  tote bag next to me,  I mentioned that they had all begun a new school year.  Then I asked what they learn at school.  The answers were just as expected–math, reading, manners and to be kind (that was nice to hear).

They were curious about the bag but I said they would see what was in it later.  It was a surprise.  Darling tow-headed Reid, 4 yo,  had snuggled up to me before the service began and sneaked a look in the bag.  He shouted smugly, “I know what the surprise is!!!!” Continue reading

Bridal Shower Party Favors



When the PlayGroup Mamas hosted a bridal shower for my daughter, I assumed my regular assignment–party favors.  For this special shower, embroidered cross stitch monograms were embroidered on these little Aida gift bags.  The  guest party favors were filled with Hershey’s kisses, always appropriate, I think, for engagement and wedding celebrations.

No one loves a bargain more than I do.  So when I saw the bags on clearance, priced at $ .25 each, I bought three dozen, the entire lot.  I had no plan for their use, but I knew that for $9 I had the raw materials for  something wonderful.  Little more than a year later, Rebecca was engaged and my PlayGroup Mama friends scheduled a bridal shower for 3 months later.  Continue reading

Teepee Bags

pony bags


These little teepee bags, whose zippers are approximately 8″ long, were party favors for granddaughter Laurel’s 5th birthday, a My Little Pony/Unicorn party. Ignorant as  about all things Pony, this Nana was on a steep learning curve.  Only when Laurel became enamored of the hairy, rubberized little equines did I realize that I needed to check it out.  Continue reading