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Free Pattern for Must-Try Teepee Bags

1st aid bagsX

You can’t tell from the photo, but the fabric shows a variety of Girl Scout badges. I was tickled pink (ha!) to find this fabric on-line.

These FIRST AID bags were made for my 8 yo granddaughter Laurel. Next week, she will do a presentation to her Girl Scout troop as part of the first aid badge the girls are working on. At that time, she will hand out the bags and the girls will stock them with supplies.

UPDATE: Girl Scouts with bags:

girl scouts

You can’t tell from the photo, but the pink fabric is printed with images of Girl Scout badges. I had only 1/2 yd. which should have been enough. But there was a wide, brown border with text and numbers to be sewn on for troop identification. That didn’t leave enough badge print to make 6 suitably sized totes. So the pink fabric was serged on the short sides and then centered and zig zagged onto a piece of a homespun sort of muslin.

After I got that done, I realized that the muslin created a plain strip on either side of the zipper, suitable for text.The border hoop for my Brother Quattro made this quick and easy, by hooping just stabilizer, basting the fabric to the stabilizer with the baste feature, embroidering the text, then moving the stabilizer in the hoop for the next bag.

The design is too large for the 4 x 4 hoop, yet by using the 5 x 7 there would have been so much waste of stabilizer–not to mention the time involved in hooping 6 times.The border hoop was a wonderful time saver. Continue reading

Pyramid Bag for Jr. Archeologist

pyramid bag with miniature sphinx embroidery

pyramid bag with miniature sphinx embroidery

Grandson Robert, 5, declares that he wants to be an archeologist when he grows up.  Due to that interest, he absolutely loves the Playmobil pyramid he got for Christmas.  His mother, however, has bemoaned the fact that it has more pieces/parts than the Eiffel Tower.  Each panel can be removed to reveal hidden chambers, staircases, trap doors,  tombs, servants, and more.


How well I remember helping Robert’s father, our son Ryan, search the house for the many pieces to his Fisher-Price farm and two story garage.  With that memory and the ease of making a standard teepee bag, I stitched this up in a hurry for my precious grandson.  So this bag, made from the basic teepee bag pattern,  now holds the sarcophagus and treasures of his pyramid.

Actually, I had made ponchos for Laurel and her doll and needed something for Robert.  It was late when I finished the ponchos and I wanted to shut down my sewing room and go to bed.  But Nana duty called. I needed to make something in a hurry for Robert, so the bag came to mind at once. Of course, it’s pyramid shape seemed especially appropriate for my sweet Robert. Continue reading

Teepee Bags

pony bags


These little teepee bags, whose zippers are approximately 8″ long, were party favors for granddaughter Laurel’s 5th birthday, a My Little Pony/Unicorn party. Ignorant as  about all things Pony, this Nana was on a steep learning curve.  Only when Laurel became enamored of the hairy, rubberized little equines did I realize that I needed to check it out.  Continue reading