Heart Swag Baby Shawl & Free MCS Zig Zag Feather

Wing needle fil tire' hearts and floral swag are from Fil Tire' and Fancywork Combinations machine embroidery collection.

Wing needle fil tire’ hearts and floral swag are from Fil Tire’ and Fancywork Combinations machine embroidery collection.


I make a lot of Swiss flannel baby blankets. They are easy, they always fit and they make me so happy when I see our grandbabies wrapped up all snug and pretty.  Many were made for baby gifts and young mothers are always very pleased.  Another reason that I’ve made so many is that I’ve taught many classes making Swiss flannel blankets and each class project must be a little different from the others.   Here is another of those sweet, cozy wraps.


Wing needle fil tire’ hearts and floral swag are from Fil Tire’ and Fancywork Combinations.

I think it’s important to edge a baby blanket with a trim sturdy enough to hold up to the heavy laundering that these items require. My three favorites are the English lace shown here and another English lace show in the second photo. It is almost like a very delicate faux crochet. Not only can both of these laces endure countless, rigorous cycles in the washer and dryer, but also they are not too delicate for the wing needle used for pinstitching.

The machine embroidery design is a pair of fil tire’ hearts joined with a floral swag. The Swiss flannel is wonderful for wing needle work and the hearts stitch out beautifully with 80 wt. Maderia Cotona thread. The design is from Fil Tire’ and Fancywork Combinations by Suzanne Sawko and me.

The swag is a perfect setting for a name or monogram, which all mothers seem to like.  Depending on  the timing of the baby shower, I have sometimes given blankets like the first photo and then embroidered the name when it is chosen.

In the previous post, as well as a few others, I have mentioned Brother’s My Custom Stitch  (MCS) program.  As you might guess from its name, it allows you to design or copy a stitch.  It goes into the machine memory and can be called up at any time and even altered for length.


note zig zag feather stitch

note zig zag feather stitch

The zig zag feather stitch that I designed has been so useful to me.  It looks especially nice done in 30 wt. cotton thread.  It is shown on the Blossom Basket Blouse and T-Bonnet post. If any readers have a Brother machine with this option and would like to have this stitch, I would be happy to e-mail it to you.  Just post your request as a comment. The baby shawl does have some color, but it is basically white, suitable, I hope, for my White Wednesday post at Faded Charm.  Check out all the lovely white eye candy there.

25 responses to “Heart Swag Baby Shawl & Free MCS Zig Zag Feather

  1. Oh what a beautiful KEEPSAKE… I would love for you to share it here http://shoprubyjean.com/2011/12/sew-crafty-tuesday-linky-party1/#comment-2841

  2. I’m new to this linky thing but I love it! So many fabulous blogs and creative ideas to share. Thanks for the invitation to join in your “party.” I’ve posted and look forward to seeing more at your site. http://shoprubyjean.com/

  3. Linda Murphy

    I would love to have the feather stitch! I haven’t used the custom stitch on my machine and need to try it! Also, what are referring to when you say “pin stitch”?

  4. Linda, the featherstitch was just sent to your inbox. I hope you enjoy using it. I’m planning a post on pin stitch and other hemstitches soon and will let you know about it.

  5. Hi!
    I have a Brother machine and I would love to have the zig zag feather stitch. I am not familiar with this, is it a decorative feather stitch by machine or actually a machine embroidered stitch in the hoop? I love working a feather stitch by hand.

    Thank You!

  6. Jeanna, the design has been sent to your in-box. This stitch is worked on the sewing side, not hooped embroidery. I hope you enjoy using the zig zag feather stitch.

  7. Janice, Love your site! Please send me the design for the cap/blanket and feather stitch…I too have a Brother Quatro and have never used the MCS, Looking forward to learning more from you.

  8. Judi, I’ve sent you the MCS design and hope you enjoy using it. We are so fortunate to have these fabulous Brother machines–we need to learn about all the features they offer. I’d love to see any projects you make with this stitch.

  9. Janice, have been checking my email and have not gotten the file..I
    even looked in my spam but it wasn’t there either. Would you
    please try again? Thank you

  10. Judi, thanks for your e-mail telling me you have received the designs. I hope you enjoy stitching them.

  11. Rhonda O'Bryant

    I would love to have the feather stitch. Also, I ordered the fil tire’ and fancywork combinations. I would like to know what thread you prefer for these designs.

  12. alice bertaina

    OOH I love your site! I am new to this but I do have a Brother 4000D, and I would love to have the MCS feather stitch . Thanks so much for all the valued info on your site.

  13. Alice, you are so lucky to own that wonderful Brother machine. I had one and loved it. The MCS stitch has been sent so you are ready to create wonderful things with it. Try the MCS program for yourself and see the fun and fabulous stitches you can come up with.

  14. Brenda Ratcliffe

    Hi, I just came across your site whilst ‘site hopping’. Beautiful work, I haven’t tried My Custom Stitch so I would love your design to try. I have a M3100D (I’m in the UK) which doesn’t get as much use as it should 🙁 – one day.
    Many thanks, Brenda

  15. Brenda, I’ve sent you the MCS stitch. I hope you enjoy working with it.

  16. I hope I am not too late – but I would love to have this design. I would like to make this for a woman who is having her first child – after trying for 8 years. It is beautiful and I know it would be very special to her!

    Thx – Karen

  17. Karen, the design has been sent. I know this mother-to-be will appreciate whatever you make, but the heart seems especially appropriate for her.

  18. I would love to hav the featherstitch design. Thanks. Carolyn

    I have the heart.

  19. Carolyn, the MCS feather stitch has been sent. I’d love to see pictures of any projects you make with this stitch.

  20. Hi! I just love your designs and would love to have the Heart Swag. Just Beautiful!!!!

  21. Carol, I’m so glad you like the designs and the heart swag. However, the free design is a zig zag feather stitch for the My Custom Stitch feature on many Brother machines. The heart swag design is part of a collection for sale, Fil Tire’ and Fancywork Combinations. Let me know if you have a Brother with this feature and I will send that design.

  22. Joan Halverson

    I too have a Brother, and would love your feather stitch. Thank you for sharing. I am also looking for your preemie patterns. Could you send me a link to them. Thank you so much. Joan H

  23. Joan, the files have been sent to you. My Custom Stitch is such a wonderful feature on some Brother machines. I hope you have fun playing with it and find uses for this stitch. Happy sewing!

  24. Karen Kinghorn

    I have the 3D embroidery software. Will it work with this? It can read PEC and PES file?

  25. Karen. I’m sorry but the MCS designs will work only on Brother machines with the My Custom Stitch function. They are in a special PMI format exclusive to Brother.

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