Cutest Halloween Costumes

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday, but I must admit I have warmed up to it since our grandchildren joined in the festivities.  Both of my children have October birthdays and each had at least two parties every year (school, family and sometimes neighborhood).  By the time Halloween came around, I was out of creative energy.  They were told to scrounge around to find whatever they could for a costume.

My three grandchildren, however, had fancy costumes that did not come from the dress-up box.  Three year-old Alastair was resplendent in his Incredibles  costume, his current favorite Super Hero.  It arrived at Nana’s house while he was here a month ago.  Thank heavens for Express Delivery!I got big points (read lots of hugs and kisses) for pulling that one off!

Alastair Incredible flexing his muscles at the office of his adoring paternal grandmother, “Oma.”   There was an office party for the children and he loved it.

His mother had to hide it after they returned home so that it would still be wearable by Halloween.  And it was.

My daughter-in-law, Shelly, is very practical.  For their homeschool team’s Odyssey of the Mind skit this year, Laurel, 8, will be a Space Age Dorothy in a Wizard of the Oz  adaptation.  Shelly found this Dorothy costume for Halloween and and after that it will be jazzed up with lame’ and hot glue gems to fit their skit for the Odyssey competition

Seven year-old Robert, as usual, wanted to be scary.  I can’t even recall the name of his character, but if you ask any 6-10 year old boy, I’m sure he could tell you.  The big blue eyes peeking out from the awesome hood is the only evidence that this is, indeed, my sweet yellow-haired boy.

Of course, my favorites Halloween costumes are always Mom-made and  that’s what Jo’s children wore.  Each year, she comes up with a theme that includes all of her children.  This year, they were gingerbread cookies, an oven and the baker.

For the  three gingerbread kids, she used ginger colored corduroy and jumbo rick rack.  I especially like the way she created contrast in the littlest cookie’s outfit.  She used the wrong side of the fabric for the yoke on his tunic.  The peppermint candy buttons just add to the sweetness of these costumes.

Last year the little guy was too small for trick or treating, so she had the older four costumed as Little  Red RidingHood characters.  Just adorable.  Jo does all this, homeschools all the children, smocks and sews clothes for the children and the girls’ dolls.

She also teaches sewing to her older daughter and a neighbor girl.  How amazing is she?  It makes me tired to even write about all the energy she has.

This is old news to readers who have followed this blog for a while, but I thought it bore repeating, in view of the topic costumes.

I thought tonight about one of the most unusual costumes I have ever made.  My friend Linda, a nurse, wanted to go to a Halloween party dressed as a cataract with her husband,  a very prominent opthamologist.  He would suit up as a laser beam.  Only friendship could move me to tackle  this project.

A hula hoop was covered with shiny fabric, selected by Linda because it was precisely the color of a “ripe” cataract.  It was lightly stuffed to represent the curvature of the pupil.  On the fabric I embroidered bits of corny text in small letters, simulating laser cuts.  Phrases like “Can’t see?  Call me!” followed by the name of the surgery center or “Need a fix for your vision?  Al’s your physician!’ Linda wore black pants and shirt with her head stuck through a hole at the top of the hoop.  Linda and Al were the hit of the party, though she said she had a hard time eating and dancing with that cataract hanging around her neck.

All  this is to say that Halloween was fun, fun, fun here in Florida and all over the country I am sure.

Did you make any costumes this year?

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  1. Love all the costumes. Jo is amazing. She must be a super energized lady.

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