Vivian Rose, Fashionista

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Vivian Rose 6 weeks old

Vivian Rose 6 weeks old


Rebecca just sent these pictures of Vivian Rose wearing some of her new clothes.  After her nap, she modeled the OFB bubble with the coordinated diaper shirt.  The silky texture of the Liberty tanna lawn seems to be a perfect companion to a baby’s tender skin.



Her little diaper shirt is all askew, but this is the best photo of her sweet face.

Another wardrobe change was in order before her paternal grandmother came for a visit. Vivian Rose is wearing the striped dotted Swiss daygown.  “Oma” is my sweet friend and the best MIL any young wife ever could  hope for.

Viv Oma

Viv pink dot Oma

Viv fist raised

She’s showing some life now.

Vivian Rose is every bit the contemporary baby with this hairbow that came with a very stylish Valentine outfit.

hairbow 2

Of course, a girl needs her beauty rest, so it was nap time again.  While she and her daddy were snoozing,   Bandit The Cat came to steal a few winks before Rebecca shooed her away.

nappers 3

nappers 3

I can’t wait to see this baby girl and love on her again.


5 responses to “Vivian Rose, Fashionista

  1. Beautiful baby and family : Love the choice of clothes from her very special and devoted Grandmother. Congratulations to all !!

  2. Oh, my! Miss Vivian Rose is BEAUTIFUL! The bubble and daygown are just stunning on her. She is a lucky little angel to have such lovely things made by her devoted grandmother. Thank you for the sweet comment made about the sage and roses daygown I made a couple of weeks ago. You made my day! I consider you to be the master of beautiful daygowns.

  3. Janice, Vivian Rose is a beautiful little girl; I know you are enjoying sewing for her. I love seeing the pictures of her in the outfits you have made. All your garments are beautiful!!

  4. Thanks, Betty. She is a pretty little thing. This past weekend Vivian Rose wore her smocked diaper shirt with the matching rhumba pants to the Renaissance Fair and looked so adorable. I told Rebecca that I was surprised that it fit her already as it is a 6 month size and she is just 7 weeks old. Becca said that it was really too big but she was just too impatient to wait for her to grow into it!

  5. Thanks, Nana Bunny. We are surely enjoying this sweet baby girl!

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