Christmas Outfits from the Past


Hand embroidered Sarah Howard Stone collar and velveteen dress for my daughter, 1983. It was worn a few years ago by my older granddaughter, Laurel.


They say time flies when you are having fun and, let me tell you, I have had a good bit of fun making holiday outfits for my children and grandchildren.  Like many of you, Christmas and Easter clothes are my favorite and most memorable projects.



This collar reminds me just how hard I  tried to get the stitches just right as we drove to my brother’s house for Thanksgiving.   It was a two hour drive along bumpy back roads and I poked my fingers more than once.  But I couldn’t waste the time. As the family sat and visited after the pumpkin pie, I continued to embroider.

Who knew that 15 years later it could be done on an embroidery machine?  Who knew there would be home embroidery machines? Certainly not me.


R L Stetson puffing

Robert and Laurel all ready for the Stetson Christmas concert. She is wearing recycled heirloom from her Aunt Rebecca’s closet.


A few years after the shadow work collar was made, my daughter wore a burgundy velveteen dress (just like this one) with this very puffing collar.  Then Laurel wore the collar on a new burgundy velveteen dress.


puffing collar L

The puffing collar is another hand-me-down.


Not all Laurel’s Christmas dresses were hand-me-downs.  Two of my favorites were brother-sister outfits.

One set was red baby cord embroidered with Santas and worn over white shirts.


This was their candy cane Christmas. I love those candy hoops with Santa.  Buttons were pending.


The hoops rolled all around the little suit.


candy cane back

That center back seam didn’t match up as I had hoped. But at Robert’s standard break-neck speed, no one else noticed.


Laurel loved the twirl factor of her jumper.






Don’t you just love all the holiday activities and festivities?  This stroll down Christmas Memory Lane is probably long enough for one post.  I’ll continue next time.

Do you have a favorite Christmas outfit to share with us?  Just shoot me an e-mail at with a photo and some information.

Meanwhile, sew on!  There are still  4  days to Christmas!

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