Christmas Outfits Past Part 2

I hope you have all finished your Christmas sewing.  I’ve moved on to baking and gift wrapping and hope to finish up in time for our big family celebrations.

Here are a few more Christmas outfits from the past.  These gingerbread outfits for my  two older grandchildren were favorites of mine.   A few years later, new grandson Alastair wore Robert’s suit.



Ready-to-smock gingerbread outfits were paired up with a Creative Needle smocking plate.


One year I planned to make matching Thanksgiving outfits for the children.  The Viyella brown plaid garments were made but before I began the bibs, plans changed and the older two would not be with us that day. So I decided to use the garments for Christmas.  But that was a stretch—brown plaid for Christmas.  I made it work.



Alastair’s Christmas outfit, Children’s Corner Glenn with linen bib embroidery from OESD’s Current Critters Continued.


Laurel’s basic yoke dress was trimmed with tatting, as was her linen bib.




Laurel also had a tie-on bib with a Current Critters Continued design.


These Current Critters embroidery designs are so charming.




The next year, because they would be attending the traditional holiday Nutcracker Ballet,  the children had Nutcracker themed Christmas clothes.  Laurel, of course, was the Sugarplum Fairy.



Laurel’s black velveteen dress, CC Hope, and heirloom bib with embroidered Sugarplum Fairy.


She loved the graceful Sugarplum Fairy from A Bit of Stitch.


Christmas Dress bib fairy


But she especially loved the matching dress for her first American Girl doll, Molly.




Robert’s shirt featured the Nutcracker himself.  It was paired with black pants.



The crooked embroidery drove (and drives) me crazy. But it was too late to redo the shirt.


Little Alastair was appropriately decked out as the Mouse King.  I was especially pleased with his outfit.  Those pants from Martha Pullen’s  Heirloom Sewing for Jack and Jill  are so classic.




The embroidery was perfect.





This is more than enough looking back and it’s too late for any of these to offer inspiration for your Christmas sewing.  But I do hope you have enjoyed these posts from the past and that you have enjoyed making wonderful holiday clothes for your own children, grandchildren, and other loved ones.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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