11 year old’s Etsy Shop

etsy lace heart pillow

This antique lace  pillow is the first product in granddaughter Laurel’s just opened Etsy shop,  SewAmazingGifts.  Measuring just 8.5 x 8.5,” it would be a petite reminder of sweet sentiments.  She has decided that the machine embroidered text could vary from a monogram, to other phrases such as “Friends,” Sister,” “Mother,” “Hope,” and more. The backing is vintage damask.

She has been earning money with sewing since she was 7, when she scored big at the county fair for her entries, including her first quilt. Her second quilt, Kisses and Hugs,   also won best-in-show, generating even more cash and incentive to sew.Then she started her little business, Laurel’s Specialty Sewing.  But the Etsy shop is another step up in the business world.

Of course,  I was excited when Laurel asked for my help designing products and setting up her shop.  We went to on-line and she was immediately taken with an image of a similar pillow.

“I want to make that!” she exclaimed.  And she wanted to make it now. She knew her Nana had all she would need to make a boat load of similar heart pillows.  She’s seen my stash.

A few bags of antique textiles were pulled out of storage bins and we got started.  It was so much fun!

Laurel has sewn with me enough to recognize tatting, hemstitching, cutwork and Swiss embroideries.  Then as we sorted through the the bags, she was introduced to coronation cord, chemical lace,  teneriffe, Irish crochet and more.  As per my suggestions, she selected a variety of textures.

It always amazes me how things work out.  Just a week ago, I seriously considered selling these same bags of vintage and antique textiles on the Yahoo group SewItsForSale   or the Facebook page Smocking DestashNOTE: this is a private group which operates on the premise that when members join with a recommendation from another member,  fewer problems are likely.  Let me know if you are interested in joining and we can chat about it.

I have loved these things for so long and have made a variety of crazy patch items of antique textiles.  One of my favorite all-time projects was “In the Pink of Life,” made for my sweet daughter.  But I have too many projects in my head to tackle another one like that quilt.  So I had almost resolved to get rid of them.

Then, Laurel claimed them and we are enjoying more sewing time together as she generates her inventory.

Honestly, I do not consider myself a hoarder, but my special fondness of antique textiles has generated a collection that is waaaaay too big.  I buy bits of vintage and antique needlework at estate sales, church bazaars, and yard sales.  Then friends who lack my appreciation for these special treasures gift me with things  they know I would enjoy.

I’m not picky.  Stained?  No problem!  Torn?  Who cares?  I can see past the imperfections and imagine projects which would give them new life.

Now, Laurel is giving them new life as she advances to a new business venture.  The store is open now so you can take a look at what this 11 year old has made for sale.

4 responses to “11 year old’s Etsy Shop

  1. What a wonderful idea! Best wishes to Laurel with her new store. I’m like you, collecting way too much in the way of vintage linens. I’ll have to make some pillows with them (not to sell, of course).

  2. Cynthia, thanks for your kind wishes to Laurel. She is here with us tonight and grinned ear to ear when I read your message to her. You and I do seem to like the same thing. Handling and working with these elderly laces and trims is such a pleasure. I know you would enjoy making some pillows with yours. Share a picture if you do.

  3. sarah Sinclair

    Curious about the two sites, Sewitsforsale and Destash you mentioned. Would these be suitable places to try and sell a 3 year old Bernina Artista 640 and embroidery module? Fabrics from my “stash” that I had to have but will need get around to using? I am very reluctant to use Craigslist or newspaper to sell.

  4. Yes, Sarah, these sites are exactly what you are looking for. Check out SewItsForSale at yahoogroups. For info about Smocking Destash, write to list owner Maggie Bunch at maggiebsmocks@gmail.com These are both great sites for selling sewing items from buttons to machines.

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