Beautiful Easter ’17

What a hambone! This little girl in her smocked Swiss voile bishop loves the camera.


I hope you all had a joyous Easter.  Ours was beyond fabulous, with a beautiful worship service and all four grandchildren and their parents for the weekend.  It could only have been better if our pilot son had not  been flying out in the wild blue yonder.

It was a non-stop celebration.  Saturday morning a church family hosted an Easter egg  hunt for 40+ children.  Wonderful as the hunt and the huge bounce house were, the highlight for most of the children was fishing in the pond.  Those fish were hungry and hit on every line.  Every child caught at least one fish. Grandson Alastair, 8, caught 4!  He was ecstatic.



Vivian Rose also caught a fish but she seemed more disgusted than thrilled.  She was happy to have her daddy’s help dealing with her catch.  She looked so cute and comfortable in her Petite Poche Penny.


When our older grandchildren flew in from NJ that afternoon, their first priority was to cuddle and play with 11 week old Samson and Delilah.


Children and puppies go together like peas and carrots.


After getting acquainted with the pups,  swimming was the favorite activity.  Laurel, 12, and Robert, 11, had lived their entire lives in central Florida until their Sept. 1 move to New Jersey.  Their first northern winter gave them a new appreciation for the Florida weather they had always taken for granted.   They were very eager to swim and enjoy the warm sunshine.



After swimming we made carrot patch brownies.  Take a look at this video.  It’s such a kid friendly recipe.



This was so much fun and all 4 children participated.  The boys loved smashing the Oreos.  I expect this will be a new Easter tradition for our family.




Easter Sunday morning we had an egg hunt in the front yard  before church.


Alastair was so excited that he somehow put on a long sleeved shirt under his dress shirt but remembered his bow tie. Vivian Rose wore her blue silk dupioni bishop from two years ago.


Examining their loot. Each child had an embroidered Easter basket.


Finally it was time to put on her pink Easter dress.  Since the dress featured no cats  I expected it would take a sack of jelly beans to get her to wear it.  But she liked it!  A lot!

The dress s a Swiss voile modified bishop.  At the hemline is a medallion with a cherub, a remnant from a damaged antique tablecloth. It is pinstitched in place.



The hemline is gently scalloped and edged with insertion, beading and edging, hemstitched, of course. Seven inches of fullness was removed from the center front so the medallion would not be lost in the folds.  The unsmocked area was gently gathered then loosely smocked at the neckline and hand ruched to the depth of the smocking on either side.  The neck and sleeves are bound with ivory Swiss batiste.


Vivi with puppy Delilah


Laurel used her chalk egg to express our feelings for this glorious Resurrection Day.  It was pure joy for our family.  I hope you all had a very special day.



13 responses to “Beautiful Easter ’17

  1. Your Easter weekend sounds heavenly! How wonderful to have all the grandchildren together! Vivian-Rose’s Easter dress is just gorgeous and I am so glad that she loves it.

  2. Karen, it was truly one of those especially memorable family times. We love to have our grandchildren run through the house, up and down the stairs, splash in the pool and laugh and laugh together. Not needing to bribe Vivi to wear her dress was an added bonus. I hope your holiday was equally wonderful.

  3. from Martha Pullen forum: What a wonderful holiday for your family…and the dress is perfect! Love, love, love that fabric.

    We had a quiet day with just one of our grandchildren here for church and lunch.

  4. Carol Aguirre

    Such good times and beautiful clothes! I saw the recipe for those treats on Facebook but didn’t try it out yet. Glad to see yours was a success.

  5. Thanks, Carol! It was just a wonderful time. Those carrot patch brownies were such fun to make! But I had run out of red food coloring and had no orange, so our carrots were a bit pale. The children reeeeeeally dipped those strawberries which left quite a puddle around each one. They were quite proud of themselves. The boys wanted more Oreos to smash.

  6. from Martha Pullen forum: So sweet and it was fun to read your blog. What wonderful memories were made this weekend.

  7. from Martha Pullen forum: Beautiful dress, Janice!! Vivian is sure a beauty, too.

  8. from M Pullen forum: What a wonderful holiday for your family…and the dress is perfect! Love, love, love that fabric.

    We had a quiet day with just one of our grandchildren here for church and lunch.

  9. from M Pullen forum: What a lovely dress!! And Vivian Rose is growing so fast! I do believe I’m a bit envious of your weekend celebrations, though . Thanks for sharing your joy with us!

  10. Hi Janice, I stumbled upon your blog via a Pinterest photo someone pinned of a smocked dress you made. I’m happy to have found you again. You probably wouldn’t remember me, but in 1988, I attended one of Martha Pullens early schools held in her storefront. You were one of the instructors, teaching sewing projects for kids. I still have your 3 ring binder from the class. I am a nervous flier and ended up flying on a Turbo prop from Huntsville to Atlanta and you were my seat mate. I’ll never forget your kindness in reassuring me in that plane. Glad to have found you again.

  11. Betty Ludwig

    Janice, I loved seeing your family pictures of this Easter, what wonderful memories for all of you. I’m so glad the grandchildren came from NJ, a wonderful time for all of you.

  12. Thanks, Betty. It was a wonderfully hectic, fun, and memorable week for all of us. There’s nothing like a houseful of grandchildren to delight your heart and exhaust your body.

  13. Hi Bonnie! I remember you!!!! It seems I can’t remember What I went to the kitchen for, but I do remember you being so afraid. We had a lovely chat and I really enjoyed sitting with you. Now that you’ve found my blog, I hope you stop by frequently and share your latest sewing projects with me. I’d love to hear from you. P.S. We did have fun in the little blue house at Martha’s earlier sewing schools. The small class sizes and crowded classes made everything so cozy, friendly and intimate. Still, every MP school, large or small, was wonderful.

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