Live, Love Life


This pillow was made for our precious granddaughter, Laurel.


enjoying our visit to a New Jersey tea room


She just turned 14 and I couldn’t resist offering some grandmotherly advice to mark the occasion.  Putting that advice where she could read it every day seemed like a better idea than delivering a “Things to Remember” lecture.

I loved this pattern on first sight.  When our son and family were here for Easter,  Laurel smiled when she saw it and gave me a thumbs up to proceed.  She had brought her new bedroom curtains to be shortened.  The pillow was made with those scraps, so it coordinates nicely.


The pattern is Live and Love  from Kreative Kiwi. Their designs are all so appealing and stitch out flawlessly.


The text advice offered in the pattern is sound, but I had a few of my own directives. Laurel already smiles, imagines and enjoys life all the time,  so I substituted  PRAY, work, and family for those words.  This is not to say that our near perfect granddaughter (just like yours, I’m sure!) does not already practice and know the value of these words, but emphasis on those ideals seemed more important at her stage of life.




“Family” went against the grain of this old English major because all the other words of guidance are verbs.  Parallel construction dictates uniformity in grammar situations such as this, but I was unable to find a verb substitute. So I thought,”Phooey, I’ll walk on the dark side and break the rule this time!”  So I did.  Then I noticed “ALWAYS,” so I feel no responsibility for ruining the grammatical propriety of the text.



In traditional crazy patch style, trims, buttons and other motifs were added.

My thread color choices have caused some regrets.  The pillow is made up of 5 sections, embroidered individually in  the hoop and joined on the sewing machine.  I should have printed out a template of each section and taped them together to see the overall effect.  Laurel, however, had no complaints.  She is too polite and ladylike to have ever made a negative comment about a gift.  I love that girl!



I’m just now learning If I had had Brother’s BES4 program when redesigning the pillow with the substituted words, the pillow would have been so much nicer.  This program and is amazing! I could have easily made “PRAY” fit into that wedge shape and added other features.  I must add that I am a “paid sewing consultant for Brother,” but that does not require me to endorse a product.  I genuinely love BES4.

We recently spent some time visiting our son and his family in their new home in New Jersey, which is part of the reason for my long absence from this blog.  The tea room that Laurel, her mother and I visited had these pretty napkin wraps in each teacup.



Our special tea time reminded me that we were, indeed, living, loving, and family.

COMING UP–We are so excited about the upcoming and long awaited arrival of a baby.  Our immediate family is fresh out of babies since our last grandchild, Vivian Rose, is now 5.  This new baby will soon be joining her adoptive parents, active members of our church.  I am squeezing baby sewing into every rare but free moment.  I have two projects done and more are planned.  I hope you will stop by to see them.





9 responses to “Live, Love Life

  1. The pillow is beautiful. Love the colors and the message.

  2. Thanks, Jeannette. It really was a fun project, but I’d have to make several more to give her all the advice I feel the need to share. I might have to resort to a few “Things to Remember” lecture.

  3. I love everything about the pillow! Had to laugh at the “family” comment – I wouldn’t have even thought about the grammar rules. LOL! I love my Brother software as well – it is the best.

  4. Zahra kent

    She has grownup so beautifully! That Pillow is fabulous!

  5. Willie Conway

    Fantastic. Live, love life is terrific. I add laugh to it in my mind. Giggle fits with my niece were always the best. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Thanks, Kathy, for your kind comment and appreciation of Brother software. I’m glad you could laugh at my grammar comments, as I know that is a prickly subject for many. I would never presume to correct another person, except, of course, my children and grandchildren!

  7. Zahra, Laurel is as lovely inside as out, just as your precious daughter is and will continue to be. I thought the pillow was overstuffed, but of course, she said it was perfect. I wish she and her family still lived just 30 minutes away.

  8. Willie, I’m pleased that an accomplished needleworker like you likes the pillow. Especially for your niece and many others, “giggles” would be a great word for a pillow such as this.

  9. from facebook: I love the soft blue and coral together!

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