3rd Birthday Dress for Beatrice

This beloved, long-awaited baby girl will be 3 years old in a few days!  In celebration of the occasion I have made her birthday confection of batiste, lace, embroidery, feather stitches, ribbon and entredeux. As her official church Nana, I embraced this privilege.

This child is pure joy for her family and our entire church congregation.  We prayed so fervently for her safe delivery into the loving arms of her adoptive parents.  With her sparkling brown eyes and bouncing curls, she is all girl while at the same  rough and tumble.

Beatrice romps with her big dog and both of mine (weighing 100+ lbs).  She is friendly with the three family goats

and fearless with huge horses when she visits the stables. shhh..but just between you and me, she is a little frightened by teeny tree frogs!

She exudes personality and strength of character, even at her tender age. So this fluffy dress is perfect for fancy affairs and Sunday church where she sits quietly and prays with her little hands folded.  But denim overalls suit her just as well.

The birthday dress pattern is a modified version of Children’s Corner “Jodi” which was included in the pattern package with the Spring 2019 Classic Sewing magazine.  The bodice was lengthened to accommodate the antique Swiss beading above the gathered skirt.  It would have been much easier to use a dropped yoke pattern but I came up empty handed when I searched for size 3 in my drawer.

An embroidered monogram is centered with featherstitching and bordered with  Swiss beading, pink ribbon and Swiss embroidered insertion.

The skirt repeats the pattern of beading, Swiss insertion and featherstitching, edged with entredeux, woven with perle cotton and Swiss trim.

The fabric is white Imperial batiste lined with pink Imperial batiste. The lining is also edged with Swiss trim.

Sleeves are simply puffed and bound with Swiss beading, tied with ribbon.  Five rows of identical featherstitching run from shoulder to beading.

I can’t wait to see our curly-headed darling wearing this.

This was made on my beloved Brother Dream Machine 2.  Required:  I am a proud, paid Brother Brand Ambassador.  Not required:  I LOVE my Brother machines!





10 responses to “3rd Birthday Dress for Beatrice

  1. Just beautiful! Beatrice and this sweet dress are a treat for the eyes.

  2. Thank you, Cheryle. I’m so lucky to have this precious girl to sew for. I can’t wait to see her wearing it!

  3. Rheeta Booth

    An absolutely perfect dress that is perfectly suited for a very perfect little gift from God!

  4. Mary Hoffmann

    The dress is just beautiful and she is the cutest!

  5. Thanks, Mary. She really is the cutest! Everyone just adores her, including me, of course.

  6. Rheeta, your comment stated everything perfectly. She could not be a more perfect gift from God!

  7. The dress is so beautiful. I love the pink lining. Did you use any type of stabilizer to do the feather stitches?
    Beatrice is adorable and a lucky girl!

  8. Thanks you, Cristina! I use Brother’s water soluble stabilizer under almost all my feather stitches. I cut it into narrow strips and then douse it in water for quick and easy removal. Beatrice wore it to church shortly after her birthday and got so many compliments. She just grinned.

  9. Janice, this is another beautiful project with a beautiful model! I love all the details on the heirloom dress! Always love your projects!

  10. Thank you, Betty! It was such a joy to make this heirloom birthday dress for my precious little granddaughter. She is a darling, isn’t she?

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