Free Brother MCS Design & Pink Baby Blanket

Swiss flannel daygown, bonnet and blanket for baby's homecoming

Swiss flannel daygown, bonnet and blanket for baby’s homecoming

NOTE:  The free design can only be used on Brother machines with the My Custom Stitch feature.  You must download the design and then import it to your machine via memory stick or floppy drive.  It cannot be opened on a computer or accessed any way other than through a Brother model which offers this feature.

It has been busy, busy, busy around here.  I’ve embroidered and framed more scripture verses for church, sewn a denim gored skirt for 9 yo Laurel from a fabulous pattern,   embroidered my son’s hiking back pack, altered his “thunderware” (YIKES!) and done a variety of other “utility” sewing projects.


This photo has been edited/darkened to better show detail.

This photo has been edited/darkened to better show detail.

While  trying to get some blogging done, I came across the forgotten post below in my draft folder.  Since two of my earlier posts on Brother’s  My Custom Stitch  feature,  Heart Swag Baby Shawl  and  T-Bonnet ,  there have been several inquiries asking about the zig zag feather stitch I created.  So once again, I am offering it to readers.  It can be saved to a memory stick or floppy disk or whatever device you use to transfer information to your sewing machine.  It is not a .pes hooped embroidery design.  This is done on the sewing side of the machine.

Swiss flannel bonnet, blanket and daygown for baby's homecoming

close up of zig zag feather stitch, worked with 30 wt. cotton thread

This  soft pink set was made for granddaughter Vivian Rose’s homecoming in January.  But she was a smaller newborn than our other three grandchildren so the size I chose was too big for her.  Now, 8 months later, the gown has been worn and outgrown.


This shows the feather stitch with greater contrast to better show detail.

This shows the feather stitch with greater contrast to better show detail.

Read on about this useful stitch and post your request for it in a comment.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I love soft, luxurious Swiss flannel for a winter baby.  Especially here in Florida where winters are usually moderate, a baby dressed in this fabric can be out on the town without being bundled in a parka.

The creamy pink blanket will be a nice wrap or nursing cover-up.  It matches the bonnet and smocked daygown featured in earlier posts.

The floral embroidery designs are from the Fil Tire’ and Fancywork Combinations collection by Suzanne Sawko and me.  As usual, I have added hand stitched French knots.




The “C” monogram (or technically a royal cypher–see previous post) design is from Nivia’s Monogram 2 set.  I love every one of the collections she has done, most of which incorporate fil  tire’.


embcloseFI2cropcontrast                   color has been edited for better visibility of details

The first Nivia monogram collection has larger letters, but the second, which I used, has much smaller letters.

WOW!  I am shocked!  I just went to Martha Pullen’s site for a link so you could view the collection.  They are not there!  Martha no longer carries these spectacular designs.  However, there are at least two other Nivia collections advertised at AllBrands.  There may be other sources.

So many of my favorite designs are no longer readily available—the French Chefs from Amazing Designs, shadow work by Suzanne Hinshaw , and now Nivia’s sets.  What a shame.  I’m glad these treasures were added to my embroidery collection early on and hope any of you who look for them can find a set.

But back to the blanket. Worked a few inches from the pinstitched lace edging is a zig zag feather stitch frame.   I am really proud to have designed this stitch in  My Custom Stitch  feature on many Brother machines.  In my opinion, this attribute is seriously underutilized.

There is a great, in-depth book on the subject which I found to be very helpful.  Brother’s My Custom Stitch by Barbara Skimin was a valuable reference as I got  the knack of this.  For some time, the book was almost impossible to find, but now I see it is available here.

The description reads, “Barbara Skimin has written an easy and fun guide that can be used with any Brother machine with the My Custom Stitch feature. This book will teach you everything you need to know about My Custom Stitch. It includes in-depth instructions for creating your own custom stitches, complete instructions for four projects and detailed information on Brother’s Pacesetter models. If you can imagine it, you can create it!

On Swiss flannel, the zig zag featherstitch looks best, in my opinion, worked in 30 wt. cotton thread.  The look really pleases me.  I like Mettler’s 30/2 Machine Embroidery thread (yellow/gold lettering on spool) or their 50/3 Silk Finish cotton thread (purple lettering).  I use them interchangeably.

If anyone would like this design,  just leave your request as a comment.  It is simply downloaded from the attachment and then sent to your machine via one of the transfer methods.

For even more on this stitch and to see it a on batiste T-Bonnet, see this earlier post.   If any of you have designed stitches here, I’d love to see them.  There are many excellent MCS stitches you can download here on the Brother web site.

Gosh, I really got carried away about My Custom Stitch.  Please just check it out if you have that feature.

Back to my sewing room………



83 responses to “Free Brother MCS Design & Pink Baby Blanket

  1. I would love to have your zig-zag featherstitch design. Thank you!

  2. The design has been sent, Leslie. Happy sewing! I love visiting your GORGEOUS web site

  3. Ashley Buckley

    Is the dress for sale 🙂

  4. No, Ashley, it is not for sale. If my daughter changes her mind about packing it away, it will be posted. But she seems intent on saving it. Thanks for asking.

  5. Phyllis Poole

    I would love to have your beautiful design . Thanks

  6. Phyllis, the zig zag feather stitch has been sent. Happy stitching.

  7. Bobette Laren

    Janice – I am not surprised that Nivia’s designs are no longer there. I purchased them when they had one of those “hot” sales. Haven’t used them yet, and also know I purchased some I already had, but packed away, so bought all they had on sale. Don’t remember what I paid, but it was a reduction in the original price Martha charged. Love your outfit–knew right away the “C” was from Nivia. Wish I could use your design, but alas I have a Bernina.

  8. Bobette Laren

    Just had a thought – since you mention your Fil Tire’ & Fancywork Combinations – do you have these available for sale? I would be interested.

  9. Lillian (mizlilly)

    So pretty! I would love to have the zigzag feather stitch. I’ve never experimented at all with my custom stitch. I would also love to know where I can buy the hearts and flowers designs. I just love them! So glad I bought most of Nivia’s sets when MP carried them. Thanks so much!

  10. Hi, Janice, that is a beautiful stitch! I have never used the MCS on my machine but I sure like your zig zag feather stitch. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

  11. I love seeing your pretty creations. Thank you for sharing information about your projects. I would love to try the unique zig zag feather stitch on my Brother machine.

  12. Thanks, Peggy. The MCS zig zag feather stitch has been sent. I hope you enjoy it.

  13. Janice, I would love to have the zig zag feather stitch. Thank you so much.


    I have always been a fan of feather stitching and have used it many times by hand of course but this by machine is beautiful and as I am older will be a lot easier on my hands. Thank you so much!

  15. Donna, you should download it to your machine and have it ready. I’m sure you could find many uses for it for the grandchildren or household items.

  16. Mizlilly, the design has been sent. Soon the designs on all three of the Fil Tire’ and Fancywork collections will be available for sale individually. Check back here at Janice Ferguson Sews in a week or two.

  17. Cheryl, the design has been sent. Give your hands a rest and enjoy fast feathers!

  18. Gail, I’ve sent the design to you. I hope you enjoy using it.

  19. Your work is always exquisite. Would enjoy having the feather stitch design. It is one of my favorite-hand and machine. Thank you for sharing!

  20. The design has been sent. I hope you enjoy stitching it.

  21. I would Love to have your feather stitch. Your website is my FAVORITE place. I check it every day!!!!

  22. Aw shucks, Mary! Your comment ab out this website is making me grin. The design has been sent.

  23. Would love to have the stitch instructions. Always love your sewing and it amazes me that you accomplish so much. Wonderful talented lady!

  24. Thank you, Ann, for your sweet comment. Like everyone, I wish I could get more done–so much fabric, so many patterns, so little time! Every sewist’s lament.

  25. As always, I love everything you do and thank you so much for all the information in your Blogs. I, too, would like the file for the feather stitch. I was thinking you had given it to me a long time ago but I can’t find it so I would love it if you would send it. I’m thinking I might try it on a project I have in mind. Is it complicated to put into the machine? Some advice there would also be helpful. Thank you again.

  26. Sandra Gerritz

    I would love to have the feather zig zag feather stitch design.

  27. Sandra, the design has been sent. I hope you enjoy this stitch.

  28. from SewForum: “That is BEAUTIFUL!! Wish I had a machine that could do that – back to hand embroidery (sigh)”

  29. Loni Eustace-McMillan

    I would love to have the zig zag feather stitch. I have a quattro 6700d which has all the current upgrades on it. I think it would accept the stitch. Thank you

  30. Loni, the stitch has been sent. Happy sewing!

  31. I would love to have your feather stitch. It’s so pretty. Thank you, Pat

  32. The feather stitch design has been sent. I hope you find a few good uses for it.

  33. Marilyn Wodoman

    I would love to have your feather stitch pattern. I’m in the middle of smocking a Victorian nightgown, and it would look wonderful on it.

  34. Marilyn, the design has been sent. I would love to see how it looks on that pretty nightgown.

  35. I would love to have your stitch too please and thank you, that’s a very lovely outfit!!!

  36. Thanks, Shar. The design has been sent and I hope you find lots of creative uses for it.

  37. sherry ardoin

    I would love your stitch also and thanks

  38. The stitch has been sent, Sherry. I hope you find many uses for it.

  39. This is awesome, I have never had a custom stitch and this one is perfect for my four dgd.

    jane in ct

  40. Aren’t you lucky to have 4 granddaughters!!! The stitch has been sent. I hope you enjoy it.

  41. Hi, I would love to have your stitch. Please send it.
    Such a beautiful baby gift.

    Thank you

  42. The MCS design has been sent. I’d love to see any projects you make using this stitch.

  43. Do you still sell the Fil Tire’ & Fancywork Combinations ?

  44. Yes, Mary, the designs are available electronically. I will write to you privately about them. Thanks for your interest.

  45. Your designs are gorgeous! Would love to try the zig zag feather stitch.

  46. Thank you, Karen. The MCS feather stitch has been sent. If you use it on a project, I would enjoy seeing a photo.

  47. I would love to have the zig zag feather stitch. It is beautiful.

  48. Gayle, the MCS zig zag feather stitch has been sent. I’d love to see photos of how you use it.

  49. Hey Janice,
    I would love to have the feather stitch. It looks beautiful.

  50. Liliana, the design has been sent. Just a reminder that this will only work on Brother machines with My Custom Stitch feature. Happy stitching!

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