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Lemon Meringue Pie



Frothy and yellow and sweet, this dress reminds me of lemon meringue pie, which, incidentally, is on my Easter dinner menu.  Laurel will look like dessert!

I know that too many pictures of this garment have already been posted.  From gathering supplies, to slip construction,  and even the complications, it has been posted and discussed endlessly. And yet, seeing it complete with the yellow underdress and the added rows of lace at the hemline, I feel compelled to show the overall effect.




From the planning stage, my vision of this frock presented a white dress with yellow shadowing through the sheer batiste.  The yellow shadow beneath the lace was an unexpected and pleasant surprise.  Continue reading

Fagoted Lace Daygown and Bonnet

Posted in freckled laundry‘s “air your laundry friday” textile party.  Check it out!

fagotted lace daygown


When I made this daygown, my daughter was certain that her unborn baby would be a girl.  But alas, it was precious baby boy Alastair who arrived to fill her heart with love.   So this daygown and matching bonnet hang in  the closet, as yet unused.

Many years ago, when I bought the lace on this daygown, I knew it would be stitched into something for my Grandmother’s Hope Chest.  Rebecca was a teenager and we often talked about heirloom clothes for her future babies.  My vision was that of a white Swiss batiste daygown with a matching bonnet, all smocked in yellow and all lavishly trimmed with this gorgeous lace.

But times change and long before I began stitching, I realized my vision had to include an easy-care component.  So I edited my vision, without PhotoShop, to show polycotton blend, Imperial batiste.  It is of such high quality that the compromise was small.  So in at least that respect, this is a modern project for an old fashioned Nana.

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