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UPDATE: I’ve just edited the design to fit the 4×4 hoop. Please indicate in your request if  you would like 4×4,  5×7 or  both.

Baby Pillow


It’s been so hectic here these last few days that I haven’t had a minute to write up a post.  We had two of our grandchildren, Robert, 6, and Laurel, 7, for two days of homeschool, county fair projects.

The culmination of those two days was a family gathering for Saturday’s football game.  We enjoyed every minute of our time together, except for the Gator loss to LSU.  Just into the second quarter of the game fiasco,  my DIL received this text message from a friend, “I don’t know what is more painful, watching this game or having my wisdom teeth extracted without Novocaine.”

Usually, Louisiana gal pal Linda McGehee calls during the game to congratulate or gloat, offer predictions and give  Jack’s read on the game.  This time, she was sensitive enough to just send a consolation e-mail, though her “Geaux Tigers” message title was less than sympathetic.   But today we have moved on and I’m ready to blog about sewing.

I  love stitching baby things, just like everyone.  The idea of a precious new life, a sweet new member of the family, often inspires us to get out needle and thread.  Whether we pick up a handsewing or machine needle, the urge to create something special for an innocent babe drives us to sew.


design scan

design scan

According to my new 16-month calendar, there is no new grandbaby or  special little one due.  Still,  I decided to drown my football sorrows by sewing something baby.  So I pulled out a linen pillowcase blank and embroidered this fil tire’ design.  It is no great effort, but it satisfied my need and helped me rank the importance of the  loss in more realistic perspective.

The linen pillowcase is one of many in my stash.  It has a very nice cutwork edge, adding to its heirloom appearance.  These are so handy to have.  So handy, in fact, that I have a stack of them with the scallops as well as another pile with a hemstitched edge.

The components of the 5 x 7  design were all digitized by Suzanne Sawko, who loves emulating hand embroidery,  and then put together by me.  On this pillowcase, I tried to use brighter, more contemporary colors which seem to be favored by today’s young mothers. Frankly, I was disappointed and wish I had stayed with my favorite pastels.  But this little project is just a soother for me so I can live with it.


design photo

design photo


If you would like this design,  leave your request as a comment and I will be happy to e-mail it to you.  The next time my daughter and SIL visit with little Alastair, 2-1/2, I’ll have them show me how to post this as a download.  I just can’t seem to figure it out.

You can also let me know if you would like to purchase either of the blank linen pillowcases for $7 with a comment or by sending an e-mail to me at

For best results, Suzanne’s instructions should be followed carefully.   In order to stitch this design most successfully, you will need:

  • 80 wt. Madeira Cotona (or other fine heirloom thread) for fil tire’
  • 50-60 wt. cotton thread (DMC or Mettler): pink for zig zag frame and pinwheel roses, fresh green for tendrils, yellow for flower centers, dark pink for flowers
  • 30 wt. cotton thread (Mettler or Sulky) leaf green for leaves, blue for flowers
  • needles: wing, #60-70 for fine thread, #80 for 30 wt. thread, small tapestry, #8 crewel
  • NOTE:  I have known many who stitch the entire design, except for the fil tire’ and the tendrils, with regular 40 wt. machine embroidery thread.  You can skip the tendrils if you don’t have any fine green thread.

DIRECTIONS:  NOTE:  Clip jump threads as soon as possible while design is stitching.

  •  The pillowcase seams were opened to allow the linen to be hooped with water soluble stabilizer.
  • 2. With a wing needle or a 100 or 110 sharp, the fil tire’ is stitched.
  • 3.  Wing needle is replaced with 60-70 needle and threaded with fine fresh green thread.
  • 4.  Pink 50-60 wt. thread is used for zig zag frame around fil tire’.
  • 5.  #80 needle is inserted and threaded with leaf green 30 wt. for leaves.
  • 6.  Blue 30 wt. thread for flowers.
  • 7. Yellow for flower centers.
  • 8.  Bright pink for yellow flower surround and buds.
  • 9.  Leaf green for bud surround.
  • 10.  Pink for pinwheel rose base.
  • 11.  Leaf green for “Baby” text.
  • 12.  With 12 strands of pink thread or 6 strands embroidery floss, thread tapestry needle.  Make small knot at end and come up near the center.  Weave strands over and under the web rose spokes and finish with French knot in center.
  • 13.  With 6 strands of yellow thread or matching embroidery floss, work French knots in centers of blue flowers.
  • 14.  Sew up seams and stuff with baby pillow.

I would love to have put a baby’s name in the fil tire’ rectangle, but settled for “Baby.”  That is stitched at the last color stop, so it is easy enough to delete “Baby”  and add the text of your choice.

This design would also look nice on a blanket.  I hope some of you will stitch it out and share a picture with us.


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