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Free ME Baby Design

UPDATE: I’ve just edited the design to fit the 4×4 hoop. Please indicate in your request if  you would like 4×4,  5×7 or  both.

Baby Pillow


It’s been so hectic here these last few days that I haven’t had a minute to write up a post.  We had two of our grandchildren, Robert, 6, and Laurel, 7, for two days of homeschool, county fair projects.

The culmination of those two days was a family gathering for Saturday’s football game.  We enjoyed every minute of our time together, except for the Gator loss to LSU.  Just into the second quarter of the game fiasco,  my DIL received this text message from a friend, “I don’t know what is more painful, watching this game or having my wisdom teeth extracted without Novocaine.”

Usually, Louisiana gal pal Linda McGehee calls during the game to congratulate or gloat, offer predictions and give  Jack’s read on the game.  This time, she was sensitive enough to just send a consolation e-mail, though her “Geaux Tigers” message title was less than sympathetic.   But today we have moved on and I’m ready to blog about sewing.

I  love stitching baby things, just like everyone.  The idea of a precious new life, a sweet new member of the family, often inspires us to get out needle and thread.  Whether we pick up a handsewing or machine needle, the urge to create something special for an innocent babe drives us to sew.


design scan

design scan

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