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Blossom Basket Blouse

blossom basket blouse


I hope 2012 is off to a good start for all of you.  For us, the new year was kicked off in the midst of chaos rather than the cozy family gathering we had planned for our Christmas #2 celebration.

First our pilot son was called away for a last minute flight to Denver. Then after the bonfire and s’mores, the grandchildren’s plans for a loud welcome to the new year were foiled by 6 year-old Robert’s battle with croup and Laurel’s virus.

Finally, after unsuccessfully trying to soothe his cough with the cold air humidifier, my son-in-law and I left at 2 a.m. and drove 40 minutes each way to Robert’s home to retrieve his croup medicine.   The remaining adults tended to Robert and Laurel. Being on the roads at that time was a little worrisome, but we arrived home safely.

The best part of the new year was that our daughter and her family were here for a whole week.  However, this left me not a free moment as 2 year-old Alastair claimed my undivided attention. I loved every minute of it, but there was no time for blog writing, sewing or picture taking. Consequently…

For Faded Charm’s  White Wednesday, this is a rerun of an earlier post. I hope you find a tidbit or two that interest you.
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Free ME Baby Design

UPDATE: I’ve just edited the design to fit the 4×4 hoop. Please indicate in your request if  you would like 4×4,  5×7 or  both.

Baby Pillow


It’s been so hectic here these last few days that I haven’t had a minute to write up a post.  We had two of our grandchildren, Robert, 6, and Laurel, 7, for two days of homeschool, county fair projects.

The culmination of those two days was a family gathering for Saturday’s football game.  We enjoyed every minute of our time together, except for the Gator loss to LSU.  Just into the second quarter of the game fiasco,  my DIL received this text message from a friend, “I don’t know what is more painful, watching this game or having my wisdom teeth extracted without Novocaine.”

Usually, Louisiana gal pal Linda McGehee calls during the game to congratulate or gloat, offer predictions and give  Jack’s read on the game.  This time, she was sensitive enough to just send a consolation e-mail, though her “Geaux Tigers” message title was less than sympathetic.   But today we have moved on and I’m ready to blog about sewing.

I  love stitching baby things, just like everyone.  The idea of a precious new life, a sweet new member of the family, often inspires us to get out needle and thread.  Whether we pick up a handsewing or machine needle, the urge to create something special for an innocent babe drives us to sew.


design scan

design scan

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Easter ’11 ~Laurel’s Dress



In desperation, I’ve tabled all my to-do’s and should-do’s then surrendered to MUST-do, which is sewing. Not only is Easter just around the corner, but also I am in serious need of  a powerful sewing fix.   So I’ve retreated to my textile cave, AKA Sewing Machine Garage and Stash Storage Facility,  for needle and thread therapy.  If ever I were to fall seriously ill, I’m pretty sure an heirloom sewing session would cure me.

Laurel is first in line for Easter finery.  Handling Swiss batiste, heirloom laces and stitching embroidery does for me what baby cord and Imperial broadcloth cannot.   Those items, by the way, are the components of the grandsons’ outfits that I have planned.




Since Judith Dobson’s Tea Dress appeared on the back cover of Sew Beautiful in the January 1989 issue,  I’ve wanted to make this beauty.  At the time, my Rebecca was already 14 years old so I knew that making the Tea Dress was not a project I would take on  in the foreseeable future.

Now that my precious granddaughter Laurel is nearly 7, the Tea Dress seems like a perfect transition between little girl high yokes and big girl waisted frocks.  The design and lines just seem a little more sophisticated to me.  Nonetheless, this confection would sweet on girls of any age–but not 14. Continue reading

“If apples were pears…


And peaches were plums, and the rose had a different name.

If tigers were bears and fingers were thumbs, I’d love you just the same.” Anon

This sweet sentiment is the focus of the small quilted wallhanging. Suzanne Sawko digitized the text and embroidery designs, then I stitched the little heirloom quilt. This joint effort was for a class we co-taught at a Brother dealer convention in Denver.



It is to the credit of Suzanne’s skill, perseverance and diligence that the floral designs look very much like hand embroidery. They are made all the more so by the use of Brother’s Country Threads with their matte finish. They look just like cotton but are, in fact, polyester.  However, the color palette is limited to 61 colors.  Still, it is my favorite as it offers the look of cotton with the durability of polyester. Continue reading

Antique Carriage Baby Shawl

AntCarriage shaw1 white


I’ve probably made a dozen of these antique carriage baby shawls in the past few years and I never get tired of it.  This project is both modern AND old fashioned.  For me, it doesn’t get much better than that.

It old fashioned because it is made of 100% cotton heirloom goods with an old fashioned design.  It is modern because gracefully endures heavy laundering and even looks good (but not best)  without ironing.



Swiss flannel and a sturdy English lace provide durability while the machine embroidery designs provide nostalgic charm.  I’ve made this in two sizes, 30 x 30 and 36” x 30.  My daughter-in-law loved the 30” square for a nursing cover up.  It was light weight enough that neither she nor my summer grandbabies sweltered in order to maintain her modesty.  The larger size is nice for wrapping or covering older babies.

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