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Nursery Closet Sale #9

closet vert


It’s that time again–time to sort out and send out closet items that need to move on.  They are never worn or outgrown with a lot of  life left in them.  Most are in pristine condition.  Flaws, stains, etc. are all pointed out.

Please help me make room in the nursery closet.

TO MAKE A PURCHASE: If there is something you would like to buy:

  • 1.  Specify the item number and leave your request as a comment at the end of this post.
  • 2.  Your e-mail will be visible to me but not to other readers.  I will correspond with you privately for payment information.
  • 3.  Payment may be made via Paypal or personal check.  Shipping will be added to all prices.  Insurance at buyer’s discretion. Just let me know at time of purchase.
  • 4.  If you have never before posted a comment, it will not visible until I have approved it. After the approval, all of your comments will be posted immediately.
  • 5. Or send an e-mail to me at with the specifics of your chosen purchase.


$17~Liberty of London bubble trimmed in baby tatting

SOLD  #91—$20 size 0-3 months. Liberty of London Old Fashioned Baby bubble trimmed in baby tatting. Crotch was extended to accommodate cloth diapers or a longer body.

bubble back with tatted edging on ruffles

SOLD  #91 Liberty bubble back with yards and yards of tatted edging on ruffles


1sr bd A

SOLD # 93 —- $22, size 12 months. Worn once, button-on suit.  Ready-to-smock from Martha Pullen Company. Decorative stitching added to shirt cuffs and collar.


#94 --$10 new. Soft as butter knit from Martha Pullen. Skirted bubble, 2T ready for embroidery or as is.

SOLD  #94 —-$10,  size 2T. New skirted bubble ready for embroidery or as is. Soft as butter knit from Martha Pullen.


#95--$25 infant Swiss Organdy Zig Zag Bonnet, $25. Lined with tiny floral print lawn, edged with hemstitched heirloom lace, machine embroidery on brim. Made for class sample. More about this bonnet is posted here Zig Zag Bonnet II.

SOLD #95—-$25, size infant. Swiss Organdy zig zag bonnet, lined with tiny floral print lawn. Edged with hemstitched heirloom lace, machine embroidery on brim. Made for class sample and never worn.  More about this bonnet is posted here Zig Zag Bonnet II.

#95 zig zag bonnet close up

SOLD #95 zig zag bonnet close up


SOLD #97 –$10, size 18 months.   White skirted knit bubble, new, soft as butter baby knit from Martha Pullen’s Ready-to-Embroider collection.


#99----$12 Orient Express size 24 months, seersucker.

SOLD #99—-$12 Orient Express size 24 months, seersucker.


Nursery Closet Sale #10 coming soon.  It will probably be posted the middle of next week as we are bringing 2 yo tornado Vivian Rose home from the beach with us.  It will take me a day or two to recover after that.  This next sale will include one or two daygowns,  antique baby laundry bag, more MP Ready-to-Embroider, Swiss flannel baby boy coming home set (daygown, cap and blanket), antique lace baby bonnet and more.

Seaside Pinafore

pinafore front

Linny’s Pinafore Pattern by Mommy’s Apron Strings


Making this little summer pinafore for 2 yo granddaughter, Vivian Rose, was such fun.  I “tested”  Linny’s Pinafore by Mommy’s Apron Strings  and loved the results.


pini back

The star at the base of the placket was machine embroidered. It looks like a happy coincidence of fabric placement.  The novelty buttons are shells.


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WOW! OSQ Expo ’15

round yoke bright flowers

a Kari Mecca creation with her signature ribbon trim (made with handy Whimsy Sticks) and spaghetti bias


Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in Lakeland, Florida– what a fabulous event!  This past week with my dear friend Carol (my son-in-law’s mother)  we took classes and shopped at the enormous and tantalizing market.  Seeing so many friends, making such great buys, and learning so many new things made OSQE a circus of fun.

My schedule included 2 “Whimsy” sessions with Kari Mecca, two serger classes and one quilting adventure.  Each offered great techniques and loads of inspiration.


heart bouquet dress


My classes with Kari Mecca inspired me beyond words.  Being the smitten grandmother of 2 year old Vivian Rose, I dream of making every garment on Kari’s sample rack–a dream that’s unlikely to come true! Continue reading

Easter Outfits from my Past

Is there any more joyous occasion for sewing than Easter? It’s time to get started but instead of pulling out the lace and batiste, I find myself looking back at those confections from the past. For me, it’s not about seeking inspiration so much as it is about enjoying the memories all over again, like re-reading a very good book.

Among these outfits, there might be some inspiration for those of you who have not yet jumped into this special sewing season.

Who doesn’t love babies in daygowns?  And with a sweet big brother they are even more precious.



If daygowns interest you, details are posted here Happy Easter ’13.  This post details the daygown with fagotted lace and a hand embroidered front placket


The next year Big Brother Alastair wore this little suit.

Another hurry-up outfit, made for my grandson Alastair.

This hurry-up Easter suit  was made for my grandson Alastair.


It seems like I am always in a rush to get Easter outfits finished.  This one for Alastair was no exception.

Making this dress was pure joy.  I love the Swiss handloom and laces.

dress pink2

Baby’s Easter Dress, made for Vivian Rose last year. It was a modification of a dress I made for her mother 31 years ago.


And I love this picture of her strolling through the grass.


Vivian Rose, 15 months old, Easter 2014

Vivian Rose, 15 months old, Easter 2014

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Beach Baby Outfit

I like the way the rick rack bordered yo-yo sun turned out but wish I had placed it further to the side.

I like the way the rick rack bordered yo-yo sun turned out but wish I had placed it further to the side.


Though we’ve been extraordinarily busy, we took a moment to enjoy our first sort-of fall day here in Central Florida.  We actually turned off the AC and our hairy dog Hannah enjoyed napping on the breakfast porch instead of inside.

But after that brief moment, I was off to our son’s house to work on costumes.  Our 10 yo drama-loving granddaughter, Laurel, has written a woodland play which is in high gear production now.  As director, she had her cast of 8 girls alternately rehearsing and working on their leafy, nature-themed costumes.   I was busy sewing a shaggy white fleece stripe down the chipmunk’s brown hoodie and making a pastel colored mane for the unicorn. Who knew that 25 years after purchasing a fringe fork I would finally need and use it?

It was such fun to see all those junior thespians alternately rehearsing their scenes and working on their fairy, gnome, and evil witch’s outfits.  They had scored big at the local Goodwill where they found most of the foundations for their costumes.

But back to fall and the beach baby outfit. Continue reading

Dressed up Play Top

eyelet 1

Doesn’t this look cool and comfortable for a Florida toddler?


I seem to be stuck on the simple, free, gathered play top pattern from The Purl Bee.   (See Mountain Sewing Getaway and Free Patterns~Summer Play Top)  There are so many variations dancing around in my head that I doubt this will be the last one I make.  I  really hope to make some for Operation Christmas Child.

For this version, the top is cut to a dress length–at least for an 18 month old– and given a more elegant look with the  a finer fabric.  The contrasting casing of which I am so fond and is embellished with stacked  yo-yo’s, a single leaf and a tiny pearl button. Continue reading

Baby’s Easter Slip & Tips

slip 2

slip for Baby’s Easter bow dress


This pink slip was made to be worn under granddaughter Vivian Rose’s white batiste Easter dress.  It create a soft pink shadow effect.


dress pink2


The slip bodice was monogrammed with white thread. Continue reading

Baby’s Easter Dress

dress pink2

Vivian Rose’s white Easter dress with pink slip

UPDATE:  Finally I have a photo of Vivian Rose in her Easter dress.

VR Easter 14 crop


NOTE:  Please excuse the poor quality of these photos. They were taken midday, making it nearly impossible to get a shot without shadows.  The breeze was blowing and the dress kept moving.  And photography is not my strong suit.

Are you all busy with Easter sewing?  Busy, busy, busy has been the status around here for some time and it’s not been all about sewing.  With Aunt Rheeta’s visit,  Rebecca’s 3-day visit with Alastair and Vivian Rose,  and sleepovers with our other two grandchildren, progress on Easter outfits is way behind schedule.  But I loved every minute of these visits and have no regrets.

During that time, however, I did manage to make some progress on  Vivian Rose’s holiday finery and now that things have quieted down, I  have just finished her dress and slip.


dress no slip

dress without pink slip

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“Git ‘er done” Projects

simple, everyday onesie with lamb embroidery

Git ‘er done #1—simple, everyday onesie with machine embroidered lambs from Ultimate Baby Layette collection by Martha Pullen.


Though many of us would prefer to spend all of our sewing hours stitching heirloom christening gowns, lacy Easter dresses and smocked bishops,  there are many less exciting projects that demand our time–and I’m not talking about cooking or cleaning.  My “git ‘er done” list has gotten so long that I had to get a few out the door.

DEFINITION for readers living outside of  US South:  It’s southern dialect for “Get her (‘er) done” — an imperative statement expressing a desire to start a job or complete an unfinished task.

Many objects and actions have a feminine persona (like when a farmer refers to his truck as a she, or when a captain of a ship calls his vessel a she). In the same way, a task may be given a feminine context. In the southern American English dialect, something can be “gotten done.” Hence, “Git’r done.” Continue reading

First Birthday Dress~Finished

UPDATE:  And look at it now.

Viv "eating"Aunt Peggy's  chocolate pudding.  Surely a some got in her mouth.

Viv “eating”Aunt Peggy’s chocolate pudding. Surely a some got in her mouth.

first birthday dress for Minnie fan

first birthday dress for Minnie fan


Our precious granddaughter Vivian Rose recently celebrated her first birthday with family and friends at a party in her own back yard.


Cousins Laurel and Alastair

Cousins Laurel and Alastair

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